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“My children love the coloring pages and liturgical activities in the Liturgical Year book, A Year with God. It helps to emphasize the holy days, and bring home the concepts of what they learn in catechism.”
- Bridget, CA
“"A Year with God" is the text that caused me to switch curricula providers. I wanted to give my children different projects and activities to really engage them but through the liturgical year. I admired all the billboards and crafts for civic holidays in public schools but wanted something Catholic. A friend showed me this book and I knew it was what I was looking for. It gives all the ideas, material lists, and patterns and is organized beautifully, including the ideas for calendar projects to take it even further. I have used it for three years now and it is still fresh and exciting. This is a book that can help us to be the fun, creative and crafty homeschooling families we want to be. ”
- Melissa, CO
“It's taking me a while to wade through all the materials I purchased, but I am so pleased with everything, I feel I got my money's worth! I especially love A Year with God. Although I've been homeschooling for ten years, I am a new Catholic convert (we will be entering the Church in June) and this is really going to help me in learning all about the Catholic holidays, feasts, and celebrations. I am so excited!”
- Tanya
“We use A Year with God many times throughout the year. I love the book!!! I showed it to our parish priest and he wants a copy.”
“As a new homeschooling mom, I have truly enjoyed using A Year With God with my children, ages 2 and 5. We have celebrated liturgical feast days, prepared for and designed our saint costumes for All Saints Day, began new Advent traditions, and now, we are in the midst of preparing for and celebrating the Lent and Easter seasons. There are so many creative ideas that apply to all ages. I know I will be using this book for years to come!”
- Reyna, CA
“We absolutely love A Year With God! This book is such a wonderful resource for our family. Not only does it supplement our curriculum well, it has given us so many great ideas for us to do together as a family throughout the liturgical year. It has given us a new way to live out our faith as a family!”
- Angie, WI
“Just having Catholic materials is wonderful! We have all grown in knowledge and appreciation of the Faith through the A Year With God supplement.”
- Karen, KY
“A Year With God has been an amazing blessing in focusing my children on the liturgical season, creating the liturgical calendar has brought us closer to our patron saints, and helped us learn more about our Holy Father by marking his birthday on our liturgical calendar. The material you provide is so gentle, beautiful, and wholly Catholic. I feel relaxed as I open my son's Speller and see pictures of a priest celebrating mass, Mary our mother, and the Sacred Heart of Jesus not only there for him to color but woven in to the material as well. CHC is like St. Theresa the Little Flower, calm, gentle, and making a huge impact in your little way.”
- Heather, Michigan
“I have several books that address celebrating the liturgical year, and this one is by far my favorite. I love the way it is weaved into the lesson plans. It is a reminder for me to step back away from academics and celebrate special times through the liturgical year. This has made such sweet memories for my children. ”
- Diane, Washington State
“I can't wait to start A Year With God. As a Catholic convert I always feel behind the 8 ball in celebrating the richness of our faith and teaching my boys Religion. I have training in the Catechises of the Good Shepherd, but like a Montessori classroom, it too is difficult to implement at home. AYWG looks like a nice way to make things really happen!”
- Jamie, Rhode Island
“I was looking for ideas of things to do together as a family which will reinforce our Catholic faith, and "A Year with God" has done just that! This wonderful book has numerous projects and ideas for kids of all ages to enhance the liturgical year. My kids have enjoyed many of the ideas, particularly the All Saint's Day party and the Jeopardy game. Although, I do have one complaint...CHC needs to follow this book with a second book, which would have even more ideas and projects!”
- Jennifer, PA
“My favorite CHC resource is A Year with God. It has been the best ever resource for our family. ”
- Patricia, Florida
“We just received our A Year With God: Living the Liturgical Year. I am homeschooling kingergarten in conjuction with preschool this year. It has been a year of research and prayer to prepare our home, hearts, and minds to homeschool our children in the fall. The first book I read was The Well Trained Mind, which caused my heart to be set on a classical education. I knew however, that my primary goal was to foster a love of the Holy Catholic Church in each of the precious souls entrusted to me. My friend introduced me to CHC, and I realized that this was the Lord's answer to my prayers. We will still be teaching using a classical method, but rather than the books recommended in The Well Trained Mind, I am choosing each book carefully according to our goal of fostering a love of the Church. CHC's A Year With God is our first and foremost priority because in living the liturgical year, we are putting God's Holy Church at the front of our thoughts and ordering all other subjects after that. We are excited to be at the beginning of our journey, and I know that CHC will be there for me in the most important part of home education, making sure that my children have every tool that they need to reach Heaven!”
- Tiffany, TX
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