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An Introduction to Policy Debate
Christy L. Shipe

*** Textbook is out of stock and discontinued. ***

This accessible textbook opens the door to the exciting world of debate. Written for beginning debaters, it first answers the question What is formal debate?, then unfolds each subsequent step from researching the resolution, constructing the affirmative case, and preparing negative strategies to using evidence and practicing speech and delivery. The final chapters cover what to expect in a live debate, how to identify and understand various judging philosophies, and how to win and lose graciously.

Contents include:

  1. Introduction to Debate
  2. Logic
  3. Evidence and Research
  4. Affirmative Stock Issues
  5. Affirmative Case Construction
  6. Negative Arguments
  7. Speaker Responsibilities
  8. Speech and Delivery
  9. The Debate Round: What to Expect

Companion DVD Set

A chapter-by-chapter companion to the textbook provides helpful practical application of the principles in the textbook along with insightful analysis of the two complete debate rounds included on Disc 3.
Total runtime on 3 discs: Approx. 4.5 hours

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