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Art Masterpieces: Rhyme-Time Collection

Art Masterpieces: Rhyme-Time Collection is designed to develop a young child’s appreciation for art and poetry. The 15 art masterpieces included in this collection—by artists such as Millet, Homer, and Rubens—are presented alongside traditional children’s rhymes for the student to memorize. The detailed picture studies in the Teaching Booklet encourage close observation of the paintings and instill a recognition of beauty, composition, color, and line. The “cut and paste” Mini Masterpiece activity provides an enjoyable way to introduce the concept of artistic style. Ages 5-7.

Art Prints: 15 full-color 8½"x11" art prints, 3 sheets of decorated rhymes, and 8 sheets of Mini Masterpieces

Teaching Booklet: Softcover, black and white, 65 pgs. 5½"x8½"


Why teach art appreciation?

The most fundamental answer is that the experience of beauty in art helps to form the mind and heart for the pursuit of truth and goodness. As Prof. John Crosby has said, “the child who is raised to respond to the beautiful is thereby sensitized to all that is good and right and worthy.” Taking time to expose our children to great art gives them the opportunity “to contemplate the ray of beauty that strikes us to the quick, that almost ‘wounds’ us, and that invites us to rise toward God” (Benedict XVI).


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