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High School of Your Dreams Guidebook
Nancy Nicholson

The High School of Your Dreams Guidebook is a step-by-step guide to planning your own high school curriculum to fit your student’s unique learning style, interests, and possible career goals. The High School of Your Dreams Guidebook introduces three basic approaches to high school:

  1. College Track: Flexible Textbook Approach;
  2. Community College/Vocational School: Independent Study Approach;
  3. Apprenticeship/School-to-Work: Experiential Approach.

A two-part Student Profile, one part answered by the student, one part by the parent, gauges the student’s interests and aptitudes and is followed by a guide to interpreting the results. The Guidebook then proceeds to guide you in developing a tentative four-year plan, choosing core and elective subjects, deciding which materials the student will use to learn those subjects, and creating a lesson plan for the materials. 

The Guidebook also covers the following general topics about homeschooling through high school: 

  • what is necessary for a homeschooled student to enter college;
  • converting homeschool study time into standard high school credit hours;
  • creating a high school transcript;
  • discerning career paths;
  • and incorporating volunteering and other types of experiential learning into a high school curriculum.

It is recommended that planning for high school begin as the student nears the end of eighth grade. Early planning will help the student to focus on his or her goals—building excitement for the coming high school years—and will give time for course and material selection. 

Includes reproducible blank forms and charts (From Freshman to Graduate Chart, Class Lesson Plan Form, Monthly Hours Chart, Academic Transcript, and Diploma). 186 pgs. 2019 Revised Edition. 8½"x11" Shrink-wrapped. Loose-leaf, 3-hole drilled.


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“Thank you, my son is so excited and looking forward to getting your high school curriculum. He has been homeschooling for three years and never had these kinds of options. We appreciate the GREAT SELECTIONS and PRICES. Compared to Switched on Schoolhouse, your courses are far superior and they are in line with Catholicism, not generic Christian!!!! WOW!”
- Dariasue, NM
“"Thank you for supplying us with a quality homeschool curriculum that helps us maintain peace of mind as parents as our children grow in self-confidence and aptitude with your gentle, yet thorough approach to quality Catholic Homeschool Education. Your curriculum has empowered me to realize my dreams of working from home around homeschooling with joy and confidence, rather than stress and overwhelm other curriculums sometimes caused me and my children. I just graduated my eldest daughter, the first of my homeschooled brood of four, and I'm excited to share that she's grown so much in self-assuredness that 2nd Semester of her Senior Year she took a college class, Interpersonal Communication, and earned a B and then this summer she jumped into a Summer School College class, Sociology, and earned an A. Now she's beginning her first full school year of college, with two classes towards her AA already under her belt. She used to struggle, but your curriculum & ideas gained from High School of Your Dreams, helped her grow in her faith and soar in confidence. Now she's a self-assured, faith-filled, servant-hearted young woman. Thanks again."”
- Josie, CA
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