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“We were concerned about starting high school, especially without scripted lesson plans; but what a relief High School of Your Dreams turned out to be! Firstly, we wanted our son to have more selection than many programs offered, and High School of Your Dreams offered an incredible array of resources in dozens of courses. Secondly, the course planning forms allowed us to both plan and allow our son some level of autonomy and accountability. Lastly, finances were a major concern; with ten children at home and perhaps more to come, the education budget is tight. We weren't constrained by enrollment fees, transcript fees, family fees or any other fee.... Now planning our second year (actually his junior year) we are excited and so confident in our decision. I just wish we hadn't wasted a year and a fortune elsewhere! For years I supplemented with CHC but didn't have the confidence to switch fully, not knowing how much I cheated my children and myself.”
- Melissa, CO
“My favorite resource to use for advance high school planning has been High School of Your Dreams.”
- Margaret, VA
“With High School of Your Dreams, [our daughter] ... could use real world experiences as part of her study. For instance, we had a dairy goat with a non-simple case of mastitis. This required extensive reading, research, testing, and some involvement with the vet which counted for Biology/Microbiology credit. The experience was so effective, that 6 months later when visiting with some medical students, they were impressed with my daughter's knowledge of microbiology. They said she could easily pass 1st semester Microbiology in college. Another example . . . my daughter taught 2nd grade--she proceeded to develop teaching materials and observe the kids so that she could adjust methods and materials to be effective. Hence, Early Childhood Development credits. My other daughter is working at the vet clinic as a tech helping with surgeries, exams, x-rays, prescriptions; forget the dissections in Biology Lab--she is participating in live surgeries which she enjoys much better . . . [We had] no accredited diploma, but experienced no difficulty in gaining college admission.”
- C.M.
“Thank you, my son is so excited and looking forward to getting your high school curriculum. He has been homeschooling for three years and never had these kinds of options. We appreciate the GREAT SELECTIONS and PRICES. Compared to Switched on Schoolhouse, your courses are far superior and they are in line with Catholicism, not generic Christian!!!! WOW!”
- Dariasue, NM
“"Thank you for supplying us with a quality homeschool curriculum that helps us maintain peace of mind as parents as our children grow in self-confidence and aptitude with your gentle, yet thorough approach to quality Catholic Homeschool Education. Your curriculum has empowered me to realize my dreams of working from home around homeschooling with joy and confidence, rather than stress and overwhelm other curriculums sometimes caused me and my children. I just graduated my eldest daughter, the first of my homeschooled brood of four, and I'm excited to share that she's grown so much in self-assuredness that 2nd Semester of her Senior Year she took a college class, Interpersonal Communication, and earned a B and then this summer she jumped into a Summer School College class, Sociology, and earned an A. Now she's beginning her first full school year of college, with two classes towards her AA already under her belt. She used to struggle, but your curriculum & ideas gained from High School of Your Dreams, helped her grow in her faith and soar in confidence. Now she's a self-assured, faith-filled, servant-hearted young woman. Thanks again."”
- Josie, CA
“We had three kids graduate from home school. Our daughter is majoring in Pre-Med. She is employed as a Gymnastics Coach and runs her own business teaching music. Our son . . . is graduating in June from college with degrees in Geology and Fine Arts. He also runs his own business in computer technology for construction general contractors. Our other son is a construction superintendent. He has his AA in Construction Management and has his certificates in Welding, C.A.D. and as an E.M.T. We just finished homeschooling all the way through high school the youngest of our five children. We tried several programs, but the best we ever used was [High School of Your Dreams from Catholic Heritage Curricula].”
- K.M.
“I wanted to tell you that I am very impressed with the information that High School of Your Dreams provides. The actual courses are quite similar in format to the NARS First Great Book of Course Descriptions, but what I loved about yours is the Catholic materials added to each one. That is such a wonderful resource! NARS could easily work with families who choose to use HSYD... It is exciting to have more Catholic options to offer our Catholic families!”
- Maureen Martin, M.A., Academic Dean, North Atlantic Regional High School
“The greatest surprise for us is the bond that we have formed with our teens. They actually like us! They enjoy our company and we, theirs. They trust our opinion and in return, we trust their judgment in the choices we feel confident they can make.”
- Debbie, Canada
High School of Your Dreams is a thorough and organized approach to gaining a Catholic high school education at home. Clonlara will be happy to list it as a possible resource for our enrolled families who seek a Catholic curriculum.”
- Chandra Nicol, Executive Director, Clonlara School
“The resource I've found most helpful is High School of Your Dreams! Thank You Thank You!!!”
- Colleen, MT
“CHC high school is more of a guide than a curriculum, so it would look quite different for each student using it. My son enjoys choosing classes such as Welsh, Astronomy, and Oceanography that he couldn't take in a regular high school. His favorites this year are Screen Writing and Computer Animation.”
- Louise, WA
“We received High School of Your Dreams yesterday and are thrilled with it. Ahhh, if only we could repeat high school ourselves, now, as homeschoolers. . . how different and precious those days could be. I wish there had been so many wondrous ideas available way back when we were venturing through high school! At least we can offer such blessings to our children, by the grace of God and ALL your blessed efforts! Thank you for giving us such an incredible road map for our own young ones as they journey toward adulthood!”
- Lisa, MI
“I can't tell you how many times I have recommended your book: High School of Your Dreams! It is a fantastic resource.”
- Jacque, MT
High School of Your Dreams has been a fantastic resource for my Classically educated children. As each child expresses an interest, I can utilize High School of Your Dreams and tailor electives for a wonderful variety suited to each child, or while they take a high school major in classical literature, they can have a high school minor in any topic of their choice and I don't have to wrack my brain to get them started on something I have no knowledge or interest in--High School of Your Dreams already did that for me! What a wonderful transcript at the end of a classical education CHC has enabled us to give our children.”
- Jenn, IN
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