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$18.50 Stories of the Saints, Volume 4 RCSS4 Quantity:
Reading Comprehension: Stories of the Saints, Volume 4
Elaine Woodfield

Whether used as a Reading Comprehension course, or made available for your children to read, these stories will inspire as they relate the striking, heroic, and challenging lives of the saints.

It is so important to provide both good reading material and the example of the Saints in the formation of our children. Teenagers especially need to see and learn from true heroes! Stories of the Saints, Volume IV contains four, 20-25-page stories of heroic virtue, each accompanied by “Lesson Activities” which encourage the student to delve beneath the surface to understand the faith and virtues of each saint. Researching the relevant geographical and historical facts gives the reader an up-close look at the saint’s life/circumstances. In addition, the many topic choices for essay questions, reports, and biographies challenge the student to put his grammar, writing, and spelling skills into practice.

Each of the Stories of the Saints is followed by four pages of "Lesson Activities," including: "Vocabulary," "Terms to Know," "Comprehension Questions," "Analyze This," "Essay Questions," "Quotations," "Geography and History," "Research and Report," "You, the Biographer," and "Putting Your Faith into Practice." Includes answer key. 8½"x11" 106 pages. Over 45 photos and illustrations.

Volume IV is appropriate for 7th through 12th grades. Stories include:

  • To Know Christ Jesus: St. Katharine Drexel
  • A Life Poured Out: Ven. Matt Talbot
  • Always in the Master's House: St. Josephine Bakhita
  • To Restore All Things in Christ: Pope St. Pius X

Recommended core text in CHC Lesson Plans for Eighth Grade. Tour this title within the Eighth Grade Interactive Guide!


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CHC Lesson Plans: Eighth Grade
“Although this is listed under a heading which would make a person think it was just a reading comprehension workbook, it is truly a book to inspire and encourage young people on their journey toward God. After reading each of the stories I asked my 12.5 year old son to pick one out to read. Although he's read dozens of biographies on the saints, this is the first biography in a long time that has touched his heart and motivated him to follow God more closely. The author has a remarkable way of writing that draws the reader into the story and stirs their heart to love God more.”
- Andrea, NY
“Thank you for the copy of Volume IV of the Reading Comprehension Series featuring the life of St. Katharine Drexel. I found the synopsis of her life easily readable, attractive, and appealing to all ages. The text provided ample access to the meaning of the vocabulary words and the terms to know. The section I was most pleased with were the Geography and History and the Research and Report Sections. These questions provided atmosphere and covered so much background history of our country at the time Katharine Drexel's courage served her well.

I would certainly recommend this for use in Catholic Schools and CCD Programs across the country. It's a beautiful job, well done! After display for all the Sisters to see, it will have a place of honor in our Archives.”

- Sr. Monica Loughlin, Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament
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