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$28.95 Fifth Grade LP5 Quantity:
CHC Lesson Plans: Fifth Grade

A complete, daily schedule for all core and non-core subjects. These lesson plans clearly prioritize core and non-core subjects, allowing you to juggle family life, build an academically excellent education, and instill a love for learning!

Included in All CHC Grade-Level Lesson Plans:
  • Introduction & FAQ: An extensive resource with practical advice and encouragement to make your year a joyful one.

  • Comprehensive Subject Guide: This handy guide offers specific teaching helps for each subject. Full of tips and suggestions!

  • Daily Lesson Plans: Two page-per-week format. Weekly checklist goals are placed alongside daily plans that offer flexibility and guidance without formality. Core subjects are shaded to make it easy to prioritize.

  • Year at a Glance Chart: Lists the topics covered by subject and week; particularly helpful when you come across additional enrichment material you wish to incorporate. Just check the chart to see which week the topic is being taught and then insert your notes/materials in the lesson plan.

  • "Typical Course of Study" and "Achievement Record": Useful for record-keeping purposes and/or to fulfill state reporting requirements.

  • Certificate of Completion

Special Features for Fifth Grade:
  • Independent Study Charts: These charts help the student work through his subjects independently, teaching him responsibility and freeing the parent to work with other children.

  • Science Supply List for Behold and See 5

  • From Sea to Shining Sea Hands-On Study Guide: This study guide provides a wealth of enhancement activities to increase the student's understanding and retention of American history, including "Historical Fiction," "Food," "Map," "Field Trip," "Craft," "Music," and much more!

Five days a week, 36 weeks. 130 pgs. Loose-leaf, 3-hole drilled, shrink-wrapped.

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CHC Lesson Plans give you a day by day breakdown of what you need to do with your child. For people just starting out in homeschooling, or those with large families, these lesson plans are a Godsend. Even if you opt to use a different book than CHC recommends for a particular subject because your child is advanced or behind in a particular area, these lesson plans will work for you. There are empty spaces where you can fill in extra or different activities.”
- Christine, MA
“I've used some CHC materials over the last two years, and will be using more this coming year with my children. Not only do we enjoy the materials, but the attitude CHC has about the faith, family, and school. I've read a book about learning styles, and the other day was searching online to see if any recommended materials would work for my children. After searching, I thought, "I want to go home to CHC!" so I looked at your website again before logging offline. I'm done looking elsewhere. :)”
- Mary, CA
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