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E-BOOK: Writing Workshop I
Sandra Garant

Writing Workshops, Levels I-IV by Sandra Garant, a veteran homeschooling mom and a certified teacher, help young writers develop their descriptive, creative, and expository writing skills. Each writing workshop is ideal for a semester’s supplemental course in writing composition.

In Writing Workshop, Level I (ages 9-11), students write riddles, create sound effects, write descriptions with all five senses, use repetition, and more! Children will enjoy the reading resources and games that provide a warm-up to the writing assignment. Self-evaluation questions guide parents and children toward the essential elements of each assignment.

Usage permissions: unlimited family use. Ideal for one semester. Six lessons, 39 pgs. Includes review assignments. 4 MB.

Recommended core E-book in CHC Lesson Plans for Fifth GradeTour this title within the Fifth Grade Interactive Guide!


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“The Writing Workshop I is wonderful! My 11-year-old uses it on his own. It has lots of "activities" which keep his interest.”
- Elyse
“After all these years of using CHC I finally ordered a Writing Workshop E-Book. I wish I could order everything, each year, but you know how it goes . . . Anyway, please tell Sandra that I absolutely adore her workshop. My kids and I had so much fun this morning. As a former language arts teacher, I can testify that we all need fresh writing ideas that make words exciting, creative, and sometimes hilarious.”
- Julia, MN
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