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“We used The King of the Golden City by Mother Mary Loyola with sacrament preparation for our son, Joseph, this past March. Joseph, who loves to read and be read to, has never been so enthralled with a book before. He very eagerly waited to hear my husband or I read about Dilecta's adventures in the Land of Exile and took comfort in the discussions we shared regarding the parallels to our own lives. Even after finishing the book, Joseph often remarks about sometimes sensing one of Malignus' tricky schemes, or hearing his "Prince Guardian" tell him what to do. The King of the Golden City should be required reading for all children AND adults.”
- Gennifer, OR
The King of the Golden City was the perfect addition to supplement my son's First Holy Communion preparation. Although the main character is a girl, my three sons were completely riveted by the story. I highly recommend this book for all children, especially those preparing for the sacraments.”
- Nicolle, KS
“Our family has been blessed with the gift of the book The King of the Golden City! This book is a true gem! It has sparked a deeper love and appreciation for the Sacraments of Penance and Holy Communion. The story is written so beautifully and has become, by far, one of my most favorite books! We read two chapters a day and used the study guide for discussion afterwards. The wording was so vivid and the events were relational to our personal lives. It was a lovely and heart-warming experience.”
- Kathi, CA
The King of the Golden City is possibly your best kept secret! While reading it in preparation for our children's First Communion, the whole family gained something from it! We grew in Faith together, making the sacrament so very special for all of us! I've convinced five friends to order one, too! Thank you! Please don't ever take this out of your catalog - it a a true Catholic jewel!!!!!”
- Linda, North Carolina
“The King of the Golden City helped my daughter to change many of her actions because she wanted to give flowers to Jesus. Thank you.”
- survey response
“Thank God for CHC! I am not a homeschooling mom, but I should be with all the things I have ordered from your awesome site. Our book club began with The King of The Golden City, still a favorite of all! Thanks again! I highly recommend your website to everyone who is looking to teach their children the truth about our beautiful Catholic faith.”
- Miriam, Illinois
“My children have LOVED all of your Catholic materials! Some of their favorites have been Devotional Stories for Little Folks and The King of the Golden City! These have really helped them to grow in the faith in their daily lives, to see other children living it out!”
- Amy, IL
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