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$29.95 On the Farm with Josh and Hanna BAS1 Quantity:
Behold and See 1: On the Farm with Josh and Hanna
Nancy Nicholson with Mary Piecynski

As children begin to discover the astounding world that God created, they at the same time begin to uncover the mysteries of science. Rather than being at odds, these two discoveries issue from one and the same Source.

This Catholic science text presents to the child both Creation and Creator, in a context familiar to the child: the family. Activities that follow lessons reinforce and bring topics to life in little hands and minds. Through these lessons, children learn the scientific method of observing, comparing, grouping, and measuring change. 

Behold and See 1 users need no additional workbooks, teacher’s manuals, or answer keys; all lessons, activities, and explanations are found within the worktext.

188 pgs. Full color. Spiral binding for ease of use. 8½"x11"

Recommended core text in CHC Lesson Plans for First Grade.
Tour this title within the First Grade Interactive Guide!

A single-subject lesson plan is also available here.


One of Cathy Duffy's 101 Top Picks
for Homeschool Curriculum

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“For the past 2 yrs, when I open the curriculum box, I become so very overwhelmed with everything. There is so much with so little guidance. This time as I opened them, I had no anxiety or fear. Instead I felt excited and ever so motivated. My kiddos felt the same - they all immediately began to look through their books and ask questions. In fact, against my encouragement (I wanted to continue looking through everything - oops!), my kiddos insisted on starting 1st grade science. They were all beyond thrilled that rice is a seed! None of us knew that :-) So, thank you. I am so very excited about Monday, and this entire year with CHC!”
- Mary, FL
“I have been very impressed with my son's science book. It is very colorful, easy to read and "gentle" - not overstimulating. My son really enjoys his science. I love that it is in story form where we learn about science through Josh and Hanna's experiences. My son can really relate to Josh as he forgot to feed the family dog, Buddy. The conversations are also humorous. We enjoyed reading about what carnivores, herbivores and omnivores eat which was woven in a conversation Josh and Hanna had with their father. Josh was pleased to be an omnivore!! I, as well as my son, really enjoyed reading about the different beaks of birds in "God's Clever Designs". My son has also enjoyed the projects, especially growing and measuring vegetables. After planting beans and radishes, we were inspired to plant other vegetables too. Although they are still growing, it is so much fun to watch them and see if they "survive" in our home. We pulled up carrots, radishes, and a green onion. We picked and ate some of our green beans and lettuce. The kids (both my 7 and 9 yr old) were so excited to have baked potatoes for dinner so that Dad could use "their" green onion on his potato. My son loves animals and bugs and I can just feel the excitement as we move into the insect section! This book also talks about God throughout and quotes from CCC. My son had to find things that God created on page 106. What a joy to have these God-filled books for our children to learn from!!!!”
- Bridgett, WY
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