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“My daughter, Anna, was drawn to Behold and See 1 right from the start of the school year. She so enjoyed the very first lesson with "What are Seeds?" and had reservations that she would actually see a baby leaf inside from just overnight. However, much to her surprise, and her other siblings, there was. So from day one, God's simple wonder, along with the aid of this book, captivated her. This is why I feel so blessed with this and the other Behold and See series - it includes God's simple wonders which are too often overlooked. God has given us so much to see and learn from, we just have to open our eyes to see it. Behold and See 1 is at the right academic level for my 1st grader. It is easy for her to understand the concepts and the activities are something she can do on her own. Behold and See 1 has helped in allowing Anna to appreciate all of what God has given to us and she looks forward to science every day.”
- Liz, MI
“For the past 2 yrs, when I open the curriculum box, I become so very overwhelmed with everything. There is so much with so little guidance. This time as I opened them, I had no anxiety or fear. Instead I felt excited and ever so motivated. My kiddos felt the same - they all immediately began to look through their books and ask questions. In fact, against my encouragement (I wanted to continue looking through everything - oops!), my kiddos insisted on starting 1st grade science. They were all beyond thrilled that rice is a seed! None of us knew that :-) So, thank you. I am so very excited about Monday, and this entire year with CHC!”
- Mary, FL
“We just received the Behold and See 1. I have been waiting to get my hands on this book and I assure you that I was not disappointed. This is yet another excellent book by Nancy Nicholson. The format is clear, grabs your attention, and very meaty. My 7th grader just finished a year of botany when she saw that my 1st grader next year will already be studying the categories of seeds such as dicots and monocots. God's blessings to all that worked on this project.”
- Diane, California
“Our son is thoroughly enjoying this science text, and so am I! The information is presented at his level of understanding, and so are the hands-on projects. The projects are easy to plan ahead for, and he is excited about doing them. I know he is learning from this text, because every now and then, out of the blue, he will draw a conclusion about some aspect of creation or life that has recently caught his attention - and relate something he learned from the text to it! I love that he is retaining and applying the lessons! The text also makes it super easy to elaborate on God's plan for all His creation, over and above what the text already includes. I, too, out of the blue, have been able to apply some of the lessons we have gone over in the past to current experiences, thus reinforcing the lessons for him. ”
- Juli, IL
Behold and See Science 1 is just what my 1st grader needed with two older brothers doing a little more serious science. There is just no more simple and innocent way to experience God's world and discover science than on a farm. Taking the trip with you are two sweet children, Josh and Hanna. It is just enough science without weighing it down, but enough to explore some wonderful concepts. For the winter on the farm section, we could easily dovetail "How Animals Hibernate and Overwinter" from books at our library. A wonderful addition to the text is the What Do You Like To Do journal which is also arranged by seasons allowing you to complement the science nicely. The activities are age appropriate and very easy without much preparation.”
- Danielle, NJ
“I have been very impressed with my son's science book. It is very colorful, easy to read and "gentle" - not overstimulating. My son really enjoys his science. I love that it is in story form where we learn about science through Josh and Hanna's experiences. My son can really relate to Josh as he forgot to feed the family dog, Buddy. The conversations are also humorous. We enjoyed reading about what carnivores, herbivores and omnivores eat which was woven in a conversation Josh and Hanna had with their father. Josh was pleased to be an omnivore!! I, as well as my son, really enjoyed reading about the different beaks of birds in "God's Clever Designs". My son has also enjoyed the projects, especially growing and measuring vegetables. After planting beans and radishes, we were inspired to plant other vegetables too. Although they are still growing, it is so much fun to watch them and see if they "survive" in our home. We pulled up carrots, radishes, and a green onion. We picked and ate some of our green beans and lettuce. The kids (both my 7 and 9 yr old) were so excited to have baked potatoes for dinner so that Dad could use "their" green onion on his potato. My son loves animals and bugs and I can just feel the excitement as we move into the insect section! This book also talks about God throughout and quotes from CCC. My son had to find things that God created on page 106. What a joy to have these God-filled books for our children to learn from!!!!”
- Bridgett, WY
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