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$10.95 Basic Gardening for Young Sprouts OMB Quantity:
Onions in My Boots: Basic Gardening for Young Sprouts
Nancy Nicholson

On a tight budget? Introduce your children to the wonder of growing the family groceries, and preparing simple recipes with the fruit of their labors.

Whether planting in the free (and sometimes unusual) containers suggested in Onions in My Boots, or planting in the ground, your investment will be negligible, but the rewards priceless.

If your first thought is, "Oh, no; how much is this hobby going to cost?" be reassured that this little book shows beginners how to garden "on the cheap." (Gardening is one of the few hobbies that pays you to have fun.) In fact, depending on what you want to plant, you may not even have to buy seeds!

From gardening projects in this book, children will learn goal-setting, decision-making, how to follow through on a project, and patience. Most of all, they will learn of our Creator's amazing plans and providence. Softcover. Illustrated. 97 pgs. 6"x9"


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“I just received Onion in My Boots by Nancy Nicholson and this book is fantastic! I don't know much about gardening, but love to try my hand at it. My children now have their own plots, but teaching them about the gardening process was difficult due to my lack of knowledge. Not so anymore! This is perfect for the younger (ahem, and older) audience that gives the right amount of information for basic gardening, as well as tidbits of God all around us. A gardening must have! Another well-done book by Nancy Nicholson.”
- Diane, Washington State
“My children are developing a deep and intimate relationship with their Savior and your books are so gentle and light that it doesn't tie them down but makes them love their Savior more. There is an underlying gentleness in all your materials (like the Onions In My Boots excerpts of spirituality) and children tend to listen more when they are approached in this manner. Thank you so much for EVERYTHING that you guys do!!! My continued prayers for CHC's success!”
- Abby, VA
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