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What Do You Like to Do... Catholic Easy Reader and Keepsake Journal
Nancy Nicholson

Do you have a youngster who is positively famished to read more, but isn’t quite ready for chapter books? Or a student who needs just a little bit more practice, but is reluctant to go over the day’s reading lesson yet again?

The short stories featured in What Do You Like to Do... (for students who have completed Little Stories for Little Folks: Catholic Phonics Readers, Level 2) and What Can You Do... (for students who have completed Level 3) will please the “hungry” eager reader, as well as provide encouraging practice for reluctant readers. Both books include “journal pages” that not only give the child a special “ownership” of his book but also create a precious record of the child’s responses.

What Do You Like to Do... invites discussion and written responses about favorite pastimes throughout the seasons. Family-friendly story topics foster thoughtfulness, responsibility, and appreciation of our Holy Faith.

Features layflat perfect binding for ease of use. 25 stories.150 pgs. Illustrated. Softcover.  8½”x5½” 

Recommended core text in CHC Lesson Plans for First Grade. Tour this title within the First Grade Interactive Guide!


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“Our son has enjoyed reading the stories in this text book. He laughs at the silliness, and sees himself in some of the likes of the children in the stories. He has been encouraged to think about his own likes and dislikes, and we have had brief discussions about the same. Through these stories, he is learning how God makes each person differently-with different likes and dislikes, and that is a good thing because it brings variety to life and helps us see God's hand in all of His creation. We are just starting the written part of the spring section, so we'll see what he comes up with! ”
- Juli, IL
“We are thoroughly enjoying What Do You Like to Do. My daughter, in first grade, loves the stories. They are the perfect length for a little lesson and as a wonderful supplement to Behold and See 1. Each of the stories gently and timelessly tell a tale of children enjoying the World God gave them. My daughter is having so much fun writing her own journal as prompted by each story which puts her in the glorifying of God. She is extending that by coloring the pictures throughout, which are in black and white. It now makes a beautiful keepsake journal!”
- Danielle, NJ
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