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“We have been homeschooling for 10 years and have used 'My Temple of the Holy Spirit' for 5 kids now (going on the 6th). We love it!!”
- Mary, OH
“I bought 4th grade lesson plans and material. My son needs a lot of encouragement to do school. Now here is the good part, praise the Lord! He is loving school. We started 1.5 wks ago and he is not giving me a hassle like usual. He loves 'My Temple of the Holy Spirit' - he made a brain out of clay, and labeled the different parts. This week we are dissecting a cow brain!!!”
- Jo, PA
“For years I supplemented my other provider's materials with CHC until we decided to toss the other provider and switch completely. Science was a major concern of my husband, and we were thrilled with this text in particular. It has fun, easy experiments accomplished with basic materials that are easy to find. The one my kids enjoyed the most has to be the working model of the lung. It is an amazing text that will teach your kids basic anatomy, heath, and nutrition and can be used by the whole family.”
- Melissa, Colorado
“Fantastic science experiments and projects! I want to be a homeschooler whose kids do fun and engaging projects and not only book work in science. This text gives students fun activities with materials ACTUALLY found around the house. Other families have been thrilled with our projects and plan to buy this text. After you make the lung and diaphragm model you will know why!”
- Melissa, Aurora
“My "scientists" are really enjoying the Behold and See series; it is perfect for those kids who enjoy science and need more depth and experimentation. The fourth grader is thrilled about his science lessons because he remembers all his sister got to do.”
- Melissa, CO
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