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“I bought 4th grade lesson plans and material. My son needs a lot of encouragement to do school. Now here is the good part, praise the Lord! He is loving school. We started 1.5 wks ago and he is not giving me a hassle like usual. He loves [Behold and See 4]--he made a brain out of clay, and labeled the different parts. This week we are dissecting a cow brain!!! The spelling and grammar he loves and says 'I can do it and get done' and there isn't a bunch of busy work. May the Lord bless you and your families. Thanks for being the answer to my prayers.”
- Jo, Pennsylvania
“We were very happy with the 4th grade curriculum we bought for our daughter. It was fun to use and the daily planner made it super easy!”
- Amy, ME
“This is our first year using CHC's lesson plans rather than just buying the language books - what difference! It's like we've gone from slogging through the mud to "turbo homeschooling"! The structure they provide makes planning the whole week easier and probably saves me 3-4 hours a week in planning/adjusting/organizing. They've taken the fear of not staying "on track" away, too. Thank you!”
- Mary Ellen, MD
“I just had to tell you how happy we are with the 4th grade curriculum. One evening when my husband came home my daughter ran to the door, jumping up and down exclaiming "I love school! I love school!" She even got up one morning to start before our official start time. There are parts that are not easy for her because she is challenged by writing but I think your program will allow her to improve without feeling overwhelmed. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”
- M.P.
“I have used [Catholic pre-packaged program] for quite a few years, but was seeing the joy and intrigue about learning slowly fading from my children's eyes. So I went on my prayerful journey looking for the answer. There it is, CHC! Your fourth grade plans are so gentle yet challenging. I showed my son his Science, Art, and History program and he is so excited. Even my 11 year old wanted to do the History program.”
- Diane
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