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“Both my sons, 2nd grade and 4th grade, love the My Catholic Speller series. They have a wonderful variety of activities for each list of words. They learn phonics, grammar, and word roots at the same time. The Catholic teachings in the upper levels is invaluable. My older son needs to use a dictionary AND a Bible! I love the suggestions in the beginning for teaching the week list and I find the words and activities positive -- not all secular and not ALL Catholic. So many Catholic or Christian spellers are too drenched in the faith. Great job CHC!!”
- Danielle, NJ
“Thank you for the My Catholic Spellers. They have a simple layout that incorporates the faith in the lessons. We love that we don't need a teacher's manual and that the books are spiral bound. These books are great!”
- Elizabeth, WI
“I would like to thank CHC for the My Catholic Speller Series. I have to say this is the best spelling book I have seen. Each grade level is filled with snippets from our faith. Every lesson incorporates Scripture and motivation to live a holy life! Thanks so much to CHC for providing the materials that incorporate our Holy Faith into our homeschooling! We are truly blessed!”
- Cara, Clermont, GA
“The My Catholic Speller Series is a blessing in our homeschool. The workbooks are designed so my children work independently from a very early age, freeing up precious time for me to teach other subjects. Our children follow the outlined course of study, even quizzing each other on the current week's spelling list. The series has built confidence in my oldest child, and I notice that in his compositions he is spelling much better over the course of two years of using these spellers. Spelling used to be a source of frustration with him, but the clearly, logically organized spelling lists reinforce phonetic rules (that sometimes are forgotten in other curriculums after first grade) and help to "cement" those rules for him. By Friday, both our children have mastered the words to the point that they score 100 percent on their spelling tests! The workbook pages time and again have also brought up points of our faith that the children wish to discuss in more detail. Your spellers build spelling skills and phonetic understanding, boost confidence, and most importantly help form precious souls!”
- Jill, PA
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