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Core Materials:
CHC Lesson Plans: Fourth Grade
Treasure Trove of Literature, Level 1 Guidebook
Treasure Trove of Literature, Level 1 Notebook
Little House in the Big Woods
Father Brown Reader
Minn of the Mississippi
The Winged Watchman
The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
My Catholic Speller C
Language of God C
Saxon Math 5/4 Kit
Behold and See 4
Faith & Life 4 Student
Faith & Life 4 Activity
Faith & Life 4 Answer Key
Saints & Seasons
Our United States of America: Text
Our United States of America: Workbook
Lesson Plan & Core Materials:
Complete Fourth Grade Kit
Non-Core Materials & Electives:
Catholic Heritage Handwriting Level 4
ArtPac 4
Map Skills D Student
Map Skills D Teacher
Sewing with Saint Anne
Coloring with the Saints
Catholic Garden of Puzzles
Onions in My Boots
Creative Communications
Parent Resource:
Catholic Report Card
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Fourth Grade
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Coloring with the Saints
Sewing with Saint Anne: A Sewing Book for Catholic Girls
A Catholic Garden of Puzzles
Onions in My Boots: Basic Gardening for Young Sprouts
Creative Communications: Thirty Writing, Speaking, and Drawing Projects for Homeschoolers
Catholic Report Card
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“Thank you! I only started Home schooling in January. I started using your books in March, it is so much easier to keep God at the center of things! Furthermore you guys go way beyond the call of duty. Thank you and God bless all of you!”
- Tam, South Africa
“This year we used CHC pretty much exclusively, changing only the math program. Our home visitor was beyond impressed with everything we've done. She was so impressed, she has taken note of the website and is looking into having the school board potentially suggesting it for its other students. DD8 is above grade level in everything. I was so worried, since most of the curriculum takes NO time to complete, that it wasn't enough... but it was! We already had our curricula for grade 4 here, and she was a little surprised we had planned ahead, and she looked at it, very impressed at the depth it covered. If anyone is hesitant about using CHC, don't be. We have some fairly rigid rules for homeschooling here, and it was met with approval. I really love that she is learning about being Catholic in everything without even noticing. She is absorbing so much, that when we discuss religion, she goes oh, like when Greg did such and such. (From Devotional Stories for Little Folks). It does so much to ingrain. . . It's been a great year! We're wrapping up in the next few weeks and ready to start grade 4!”
- Noella, Canada
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