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High School of Your Dreams 2013 Edition
Nancy Nicholson

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Consistent with CHC’s understanding that Our Lord has created each student as a unique individual, High School of Your Dreams was developed by Nancy Nicholson as an approach to high school that can be tailored to fit virtually any learning style and goal. One would not order from a stranger a box of generic clothing and have any hopes that the garments would fit the recipient, or be appropriate for the local climate. Similarly, a course of study designed to “fit all” often fits none. One can expect a happier educational outcome with the High School of Your Dreams, since those selecting courses, materials, and approaches enjoy a close familiarity with the student!

The 2013 edition of High School of Your Dreams provides a detailed guide to three basic “study tracks,” which can be adapted to each student to aid him in discerning and following his unique vocation:

  1. College Track: Flexible Textbook Approach;
  2. Community College/Vocational School: Independent Study Approach;
  3. Apprenticeship/School-to-Work: Experiential Approach.

The 2013 edition of High School of Your Dreams includes:

  • a step-by-step guide to planning and scheduling your student’s high school years;
  • reproducible credit forms and transcripts;
  • wide course selection with extensive listing and choice of texts and course materials to reflect the abilities and educational track of the student;
  • an extensive listing of shrines, historical and cultural sites, museums, and science discovery centers organized by state/province for experiential learning and volunteer opportunities;
  • related famous Catholic names in science, history, music, art, and more;
  • Canadian links, government, and history;
  • and more!

262 pgs. Revised 2013 edition. Spiral-bound for ease of use. A one-time purchase for your whole family!

If you are considering homeschooling for high school, visit our high school website at this link.


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“I always wanted to write to you and tell you how much we LOVE CHC, it has been wonderful and our family had finally last year become total CHC with our 2nd grade triplets. Our oldest is graduating this week and loved doing High School of Your Dreams. We honestly had our best year in homeschooling this year with our 6 school kids + baby. I tell everyone that I think God gave us our best year in school because he knew the trials we would have to deal with, also it is because I finally got out of Charter school and went completely with CHC with most of our stuff. I was always one to pick and choose all sorts of curriculum... I can't tell you how great it was to use the lesson plans completely and feel like we were doing such beautiful quality schooling, and we still had time to do all sorts of in depth studies and extra activities. CHC is truly the perfect blend of academics, Faith, and home. I am looking forward to becoming a TOTAL CHC family and I tell all our friends about your curriculum! Thank you, Thank you! Bless you all!”
- Katherine, CA
“The resource I've found most helpful is High School of your Dreams! Thank You Thank You!!!”
- Colleen, Montana
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