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“I ordered your new Kindergarten lesson plans as I will be teaching my 5th Kindergartener in the fall. I was looking for some inspiration in an effort to keep kindergarten fun but still productive, even though I have taught it several times. I think that my upcoming K'er will have the best experience yet. There is no way a child could complete the CHC course of study and *not* have a strong foundation for a deep love of the Faith. Thanks so much!”
- Susan
“I started to homeschool my 5 year old son this year using the kindergarten materials. He is very "distractable" and I find that your materials are quick and easy to do with him for the short time I have his attention :) . He has a difficult time reading but he has shown a vast improvement and I can't imagine where he would be if I had put him in school. ”
- Jennifer, NY
“I just received my very first order and began teaching my oldest with your Kindergarten curriculum. As a new homeschooling mom, I wanted to tell you how much I liked what we received! The lesson plans are very well written and easy to follow, even for a beginner.”
- Sarah, Kansas
“We are just finishing our 5th year of homeschooling and have been looking to make some changes.... After receiving your kindergarten and first grade lesson plans, I must say I am thrilled. I like how seamlessly our Faith is woven into school and work. I cannot wait to order our materials for next fall!”
- E
“Our family has gained so much from using your lesson plans. It has made us have a practical plan to put God first in our studies and CHC has such rich, quality products that teach so much more than I ever learned growing up Catholic. My kindergarteners have learned so much using the religion and lessons. Keep up the good work, God Bless...”
- Katherine, CA
“Thank you for your hard work in publishing homeschool materials. My son has completed kindergarten! He is reading and writing and loves to learn! He loves Jesus and Mary and I know your materials helped develop his love for them. Thank you - your materials are very child and parent friendly!”
- Lisa
“I can not express to you how excited I am to receive books from you whenever I order. I know that all are faithful to the Church and the kids love them. I am expecting my fourth child on Monday (4 boys!) and the oldest starts his kindergarten curriculum this fall. I just love your materials, and just wanted to say - Way to go! Thank you, God bless you, and please keep finding wonderful things for us in the trenches!”
- Beverly
“I have had the best year ever since I started homeschooling seven years ago. I finally have found a curriculum that suits our family perfectly-CHC! This year we had grades K, 2, 4, and 5th. I had the Kindergarten lesson plans and loved them! It is just enough structure so I felt sure we were staying on track. I didn't feel strained at all. My son finished Kindergarten last week and told me that he really learned a lot. We went to the park as suggested and had a wonderful time celebrating his hard work. Your company has wonderful customer service and I believe perfectly reflects the needs of busy moms who are trying to homeschool in addition to raising a family.
- B.S.
“This is our first year using your curriculum and I am loving it! I love how it is all laid out for you and how you have the option of doing the bare minimum or you can do extras depending on your time allowance. This has been such a blessing for my son- he asks to do more and reminds me we need to do it! I also love how we present only one letter per day- making learning so easy for my son- in little bits and pieces- thank you!”
- Leah, CA
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