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$28.95 Preschool - Kindergarten LPK Quantity:
CHC Lesson Plans: Preschool - Kindergarten

Two lesson plans in one! Whether your young student is in preschool, kindergarten, or at any stage in-between, this lesson plan will give your child a life-long love of learning.


Young children are learning every minute of the day; they “school” seven days a week from morning to night. You’ll want your preschooler’s first experience of school to be flexible, interesting, and enjoyable.

CHC's preschool lesson plan allows plenty of time for discovering the beauty of God’s creation, daily read-aloud time, consistent character training, and fun exploration of new concepts and challenges.

This preschool resource includes: Monthly Theme Coloring Page (Angel Antics), Monthly Planning Page, and Daily Lesson Plans covering all core and non-core subjects. Four days a week, 26 weeks.


This 30-week lesson plan, including daily assignments for core subjects and plenty of supplemental enrichment activities, encourages learning all day long! Weekly goals are checklist outlined and daily plans are specific, clear, and simple. Core subjects are shaded so you know at a glance what is essential. Optional enrichment activities, listed in italics throughout the lesson plan, provide hands-on reinforcement and pertain directly to the subject matter being taught.

With each week’s lesson plan, a new learning idea is presented to encourage you to homeschool, not “school at home.” Nature walks, art appreciation, social studies, character-building lessons, kitchen math, and music appreciation are just a few of the topics covered. You may find that many of these activities are already part of your child’s day. Capture those teaching moments and make the most of them! Remember, your child is learning all day, every day.

Additional Features: CHC’s Typical Course of Study, Year-at-a-Glance, Goals, Subject Guide, illustrated chore chart ("Learning Responsibility through Chores"), 30-page resource for celebrating the Liturgical Year, achievement records, and certificates. Four days a week, 30 weeks.

Two in one! Both preschool and kindergarten lesson plans are included in this easy-to-use, affordable lesson plan. 216 pgs. Loose-leaf drilled, shrink-wrapped.

Take a tour of the Preschool and Kindergarten Lesson Plans and materials!


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“I have a child in 2nd grade, a child in 1st grade and a child in pre-school. With the school books from CHC, it's so easy for me to work with all of them, separately or together. They learn to work together and feel connected to each other by learning the same or similar things. So besides it being easier on me it also brings the children closer together. What a great blessing that is coming from something a little unexpected!”
- Amber, CO
“This is my first year homeschooling. I had tried several different types of materials before a friend told me about CHC. After looking at your website, I immediately ordered the PreK/Kindgarten Lesson plans. I had intended on teaching my 5 year old daughter the PreK material, especially since we were already in the month of November, but I couldn't resist going into some of the kindgarten lessons as well, as she seemed ready for them. I soon realized she was ready for Kindergarten, and we have been pressing on with that ever since. We have to go into the summer to get caught up, but it's been such a blessing to be able to challenge her on her level during our school time. I wouldn't have considered teaching her Kindergarten this year had it not been packaged with the the PreK Lesson Plans. Smart Move CHC!!

When I first started trying to "homeschool" this year, I felt very disorganized. This was going to be my "trial year" - the year that would determine if we would continue on this path. I was feeling very frustrated before I found your material. After using your material for seven months now, I am now confident in answering God' call to homeschool my children. The religious education we have been studying in the "Who Am I" series has deepened my whole families faith and as a Catholic convert, I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to learn Catholicism with her from the ground up. I can't wait to order our First Grade Curriculum! Thanks CHC.”

- Brianne, TX
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