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“My children absolutely love A Catholic How-To-Draw! We purchased the book when my children were Kindergarten and younger. This was their first introduction to art. I am constantly finding tracings of the pictures around the house. Anytime there is a need for a card, I can expect a picture from the book. Everyone who receives a card is impressed by their artwork and the time put into it. As they have grown they have continued to enjoy the book as they grow from tracing to following the directions. Over time they have even begun to add their own personality to the pictures. Thank you CHC for providing a foundation for future religious artwork in our home! ”
- Tonia, Garcia
“My children already love Catholic How-to-Draw. My 6 year old is doing it on her own after one lesson and my 3.5 yr old can't trace - but she colored everything and it is beautiful! Thank you - from a not-so-art-savvy Mommy”
- Crystal, MD
“We ordered Catholic How to Draw a few weeks ago. My five year old at the moment is tracing the pictures since she is still a little young to draw them. I like that it gives you that option. Later on down the road she will be able to really draw by the instructions and she looks forward to this!”
- Ashley, Burlington, nc
“My girls did the Lamb of God! Look at them at”
- Ana , South Dakota
“We are delighted with the Catholic How-to-Draw. What a wonderful gift for little ones and us artless adults too!”
- Anne
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