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Core Materials:
CHC Lesson Plans: Kindergarten
Little Stories for Little Folks
Little Folks' Letter Practice
My Book House: Story Time
The Adventures of Peter Cottontail
Aesop's Fables for Children
Catholic Heritage Handwriting Level K
Behold and See K
Little Folks' Number Practice
MCP Math K Student
MCP Math K Teacher's Manual
Who Am I Kindergarten Workbook
Who Am I Kindergarten Teacher's Manual
My Bible
Lesson Plan & Core Materials:
Complete Kindergarten Kit
Non-Core Materials:
Art Masterpieces: Rhyme-Time
Building Good Character, B
Making Music Praying Twice
God's Love Story
Onions in My Boots
Parent Resource:
Catholic Report Card
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Catholic Heritage Handwriting: Level K
Behold & See K: Exploring Nature with Stories, Activities, and Nature Walks
Little Folks' Number Practice
MCP Mathematics 2005 Edition Level K
$17.95 Student Workbook
$33.95 Teacher's Manual
Who Am I? Religion: Kindergarten
$40.95 Kindergarten Teacher's Manual
$9.25 Kindergarten Workbook
My Bible: The Story of God's Love
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