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Building Good Character, Level A

The use of Character-Building Cards is a positive way to reinforce good behavior and the practice of virtue and courtesy in young children. The cards in this all-new Level A, designed for ages four to six, focus on seven key attitudes: obedience, honesty, cheerfulness, helpfulness, generosity, thankfulness, and the Golden Rule.

How to use Building Good Character, Level A:
Once a month, post a new Theme Card in a prominent place. Throughout the month, be generous in applying stickers to the card when you see your child putting the character goal into action. At the end of each week, reward your child with a small treat or privilege for practicing good behavior. At the beginning of each of the three remaining weeks of the month, have your child color one of the "Angel Antics" coloring pages drawn by Anna May McCallum. These coloring pages reinforce the Theme Card by gently reminding the child how he can continue practicing the character goal of the month.

The monthly Theme Cards feature the endearing art of Sr. Maria Innocentia Hummel, a world-famous German Franciscan Sister and artist from the 1930s and 40s.

Full color!
54 pages. 8½"×11" cardstock cards. Loose-leaf, shrink-wrapped. Pages are not reproducible; each child will need his own set. Ages 4-6.


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“I have used Building Good Character: Levels A and B with 2 children now and I really appreciate how easy it was to get them to learn how to behave well. I get many compliments on exactly how well behaved my children are in all kinds of situations, even during the special (and long!) vigils held during Holy Week! My children know to be quiet and respectful while we pray because other people are there to do the same. I like that they can do this without the crutch of an electronic device, so they have learned to be patient and keep themselves entertained. They even reinforce good behavior amongst themselves by reminding each other to be Helpful, Obedient, Kind and Honest... or else they don't get to put a sticker on their sheet. Haha! I like that this makes my children stop and think before acting out. They police themselves now, and will come to tell me when they have performed an action that merits a sticker, if they may place a sticker on their page. I also very much appreciate the gentle artwork on each card that clearly depicts the action that card intends to impart. I have used your products for the last 2 years and am very thankful to have found them.”
- Caroline, Oregon
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