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Preschool Core Kit

CHC's curriculum for Preschool distinguishes between core and non-core subjects. Core subjects are the "basic essentials" of education for a particular grade, such as phonics and religion. Non-core subjects, such as art and music, can be added as time, interest, and finances allow. Visit the Preschool Interactive Guide to take a subject-by-subject tour of core and non-core materials, including printable sample pages that can be used to determine grade placement!

The Preschool Core Kit includes all the core materials for Preschool except for literature, which can be purchased affordably from other sources. The recommended literature books are listed below along with information on where to purchase them. 

The Preschool Core Kit includes:

CHC Lesson Plans for Preschool
I Can Find Letter Sounds
I Can Find Numbers and Shapes
Who Am I? Preschool Workbook B & Teacher's Manual
God's Love Story

The following literature books are not included in the Preschool Core Kit. (They are still scheduled in CHC Lesson Plans.) Please purchase them separately at the links provided or borrow them from your local library.

My Book House: In the Nursery (ISBN: 9780486499062)
Bedtime Stories by Thornton Burgess (ISBN: 9780486491899)

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Other Materials for Preschool:

Non-Core Materials:
Making Music Praying Twice (purchase from the producer)

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