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A Catholic Garden of Puzzles
Sandra Garant

Children ages 8-18 will enjoy digging into this word puzzle garden! There are different puzzle patches from which to pick, but all of them focus on some aspect of our Catholic faith. If you want an appropriate puzzle for the month of May (in honor of Mary), look in the "Blessed Virgin's Puzzle Patch." If you're studying Scripture, check the "Scriptural Puzzle Patch."

77 word puzzles to intrigue and educate!

  • Connect-the-Words Puzzles
  • Vowel-less Puzzles
  • Restoration Puzzles
  • Cryptograms
  • Logic Puzzles
  • Which Way?
  • Purgation Puzzles
  • and MORE

Gardens are meant to be productive. The purpose of this garden is to encourage critical-thinking, to improve spelling, and to immerse the puzzler in the rich fragrance of our Catholic faith. The 77 word puzzles in this book can be used for enrichment or review. You can have several age groups use the book at once, or use the book over several years with one child. Ages 8-adult.

We were pleased to discover how these puzzles teach the Faith in a subtle and gentle manner. For example, the "Dogmas of Our Faith Purgation" begins by briefly explaining the difference between customs and dogmas, and then directs the puzzler to "purge the customs which are mixed in with the dogmas."

Answer key included. 90 pages. Softcover. 8½"x11"

About the Author
Sandra Garant is a veteran home schooling mom, business writer, and attorney. She taught her three children at home until they were ready for college. She has written several books, including Creative Communications: Thirty Writing, Speaking, and Drawing Projects for Homeschoolers. She is married to George Garant, and they live happily in San Antonio, TX. Sandra attends Our Lady of the Atonement Church. She is a member of the San Antonio Chesterton Society and the Catholic Lawyers Guild of San Antonio. 


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