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$11.95 Writing Workshop II E-WW2 Quantity:
E-BOOK: Writing Workshop II
Sandra Garant

Writing Workshops, Levels I-IV by Sandra Garant, a veteran homeschooling mom and a certified teacher, help young writers develop their descriptive, creative, and expository writing skills. Each writing workshop is ideal for a semester’s supplemental course in writing composition.

In Writing Workshop, Level II (ages 9-12), lessons focus on dialogue, creative and descriptive writing, point of view, cause and effect, and story plots. Children will enjoy the reading resources and games that provide a warm-up to the writing assignment. Self-evaluation questions guide parents and children toward the essential elements of each assignment.

Usage permissions: unlimited family use. Ideal for one semester. 6 lessons, 29 pgs. Includes review assignments. 808 KB.

Recommended core E-book in CHC Lesson Plans for Sixth Grade. Tour this title within the Sixth Grade Interactive Guide!


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“After all these years of using CHC I finally ordered a Writing Workshop E-Book. I wish I could order everything, each year, but you know how it goes . . . Anyway, please tell Sandra that I absolutely adore her workshop. My kids and I had so much fun this morning. As a former language arts teacher, I can testify that we all need fresh writing ideas that make words exciting, creative, and sometimes hilarious.”
- Julia, MN
“I have wrapped up portfolios for our children, and was showing them to my husband this weekend. As we looked over the portfolio of our 6th grade son, my husband commented on how impressed he was with his writing projects from Writing Workshops II and III. I have to admit, looking at the whole body of work made me realize just how far our son progressed this year. He was a reluctant writer at best; sometimes there was much "wailing and gnashing of teeth" whenever there was a writing assignment! But the projects in both Writing Workshops stimulated his creativity to the point that he wasn't thinking of the mechanics. Everything flowed! My husband remarked about one of the assignments, "You wrote all that???? Wow!" I was trained as a journalist; I can teach the mechanics of writing. But to inspire a child's creativity so he or she doesn't even realize they are writing...that is truly difficult. Thank you to you and Sandra Garant for an excellent product!”
- Jill, PA
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