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$16.50 Level 3 CHH3 Quantity:
Catholic Heritage Handwriting: Level 3
Nancy Nicholson

What is all the excitement about the Catholic Heritage Handwriting series?

First, all levels are spiral bound at the top of the page, much like a stenographer’s notebook, but in standard 8-1/2 x 11 page size so there is plenty of room for penmanship practice. The advantage to the top spiral binding is that the page is equally comfortable for both ‘lefties’ and ‘righties,’ with no center or edge binding to interfere with arm and hand movement, which can impede good penmanship.

Second, Catholic Heritage Handwriting pages are single-sided. This eliminates the problem of pencils and erasers gripped in little fingers, pressing grooves, wrinkles, and holes in the paper. Better penmanship and neater papers mean little faces that beam with pride rather than frustration, and Teacher can remove the page from the book for proud display without losing the use of a page printed on the reverse side or pulling the book apart.

Catholic Heritage Handwriting, Level 3 introduces cursive with rollicking riddles guaranteed to appeal to eight to ten year olds, holding their interest in penmanship at an age when interest begins to wane.

Top spiral bound, single sided pages. 86 pgs, 36 weeks.


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“My son is in the 3rd grade. He really wanted to learn cursive so we used Level 3. The top binding was wonderful. The riddles were such a pleasure. He really enjoyed asking us the riddles after he went and looked in the mirror to find the answer. It was school and fun all put together. I enjoy the riddles plus I enjoy the reinforcements of our Catholic Faith in the handwriting. ”
- Audry, LA
“I love that you make your handwriting books with a spiral! It makes it so much easier for the children to write neatly.”
- Janine, IL
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