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“We are enjoying your Language of God series and how the beauty of our faith is intertwined! This morning my 3rd grader was working on complete sentences when he read that after the Sacrament of Penance we will be like beautiful tabernacles. He smiled and exclaimed, 'That's a good way to say it!' What a joyful moment to share, thank you ♥”
- Tiffany, CA
“I used your Language of God series for my adopted Russian daughter to help her learn English, and it was FANTASTIC for that purpose. It also helped her learn more about our Faith. I love how you integrate faith with the curriculum.”
- Mary Kate, NY
“I have used this grammar series for my children exclusively. My oldest is just finishing Level B. I had a friend suggest another program to me last summer, at the notion that this series may not 'be enough.' Nothing could be further from the truth. We never touched the other program, and all the same content was covered in both books; punctuation, sentence parts, types of sentences, nouns, proper nouns, synonyms, antonyms, homonyms, verbs (action and being); journaling and copy work dictation, letter writing and more. Like many of the other subjects offered by CHC, Language of God is gentle yet thorough.”
- Jamie, RI
“I just placed my first order--a single copy of Language of God, B for my 8-year-old daughter. It is a lovely little book, and she happily set to work! I'm probably an unusual customer in that our family is not Catholic, but "high-church" Anglican, but we are grateful that you are making these resources available. We will order again!”
- Holly, MA
“My son is currently using Language of God, Level B. The work to be done is not only concise and well presented, I find that I can easily go back a few pages and orally review the contents in just a minute's time.”
“Hands down, Language of God is the most wonderful program for Language Arts. I apologize to my Protestant friends because I can't recommend a program for them that's anywhere nearly as good as what I use for my own children. The thing that I love about it (it's so Catholic) is what makes it a product they can't use.”
- Jennifer, Indiana
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