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$40.95 A Course in American Government DS Quantity:
Declaration Statesmanship: A Course in American Government
Drs. Richard Ferrier and Andrew Seeley
This unique, one semester (14-week) course in American Government for 11th or 12th grade students unites history, philosophy, and civics. Authored by two faculty members from Thomas Aquinas College, Declaration Statesmanship grounds students in the fundamental principles of American government that have made America the most successful democracy in history. The course leads students to see how the Constitution is a practical embodiment of the American creed as expressed in the Declaration of Independence. Students should already have completed a course in American history. 260-page illustrated Student Text.

The textbook is complemented by a a 292-page compilation of primary source material, which saves the purchase of additional books. This Book of Readings includes the complete texts of the Articles of Confederation and Constitution, selections from relevant Federalist Papers and Tocqueville's Democracy in America, along with speeches by Abraham Lincoln, Calvin Coolidge, and others. Review questions help students to identify key points in these texts.

The 114-page Teacher's Manual includes lesson plans, detailed teacher strategies, answers to review questions, comments on the text, and reproducible quizzes and tests.
Set of three books. Expanded 2014 edition; new lower price!

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“I'm 16 years old and I love this course!!! I began Declaration Statesmanship expecting to find a dry, factual book on the American government system. But by the time I'd completed the first chapter I realized that this program would not only give me facts about how our government runs, but show me the principles and great truths that America was founded on. What really made this course "come alive" for me was that it showed me how everything going on in America one hundred years ago can be directly applied to America today. The principles in the Declaration of Independence are the same in every situation and time period. I never knew there was so much to learn about the principles upholding our country!”
- Annie, CA
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