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Our family is looking at different homeschool providers and also at Catholic schools. We hesitate to buy the whole package for fear it won't work for us. How can I know for sure that CHC is a good fit for my children?

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Catholic Heritage Curricula came into being specifically to provide Catholic curricula, designed to teach simultaneously both academic skills and the Faith to little minds equally open to truth and falsehood. It is our ardent desire to assist families by providing quality, affordable, easy-to-use Catholic materials that teach the truth.

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“I love the CHC curriculum! I love how everything relates, it makes everything we do have a purpose. [Homeschooling] doesn't feel so disjointed anymore. And most importantly our faith is incorporated in every aspect guiding us along the way. The way that this curriculum has been laid out is pure genius. The time and effort that must have gone into it is amazing. I mean NOTHING has been left out. It is a joy to use! ”
- Pauline, PA
“I am sure you have heard this more than a thousand times but I couldn't be happier with your program. My husband and I four years ago started homeschooling using [Catholic homeschool program]. It is a beautiful faith-filled curriculum but not a right fit for our family....way too rigid. So we put them into public school, sort of in a panic because the year was about to begin and we were not sure what to do. The last two years my children have been in public school and I could have not been in more agony as I saw my children learn....yes learn, however all the wrong things. I knew that God was calling me to home school once again. This time around the whole family was involved in making the included and they are so excited to get started and can't wait for we are not going to wait...we are taking one month possibly two off and then starting early. I have those months to get myself prepared and as I read through the lesson plans, workbooks, and online sources tears well in my eyes as God has answered my prayers and I found a curriculum that is so beautiful and loving. Thank you thank you thank you for your dedication to provide guidance in educating our children both academically but most importantly spiritually for eternity!”
- Liz, Ohio
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