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“I always wanted to write to you and tell you how much we LOVE CHC, it has been wonderful and our family had finally last year become total CHC with our 2nd grade triplets. Our oldest is graduating this week and loved doing High School of Your Dreams. We honestly had our best year in homeschooling this year with our 6 school kids + baby. I tell everyone that I think God gave us our best year in school because he knew the trials we would have to deal with, also it is because I finally got out of Charter school and went completely with CHC with most of our stuff. I was always one to pick and choose all sorts of curriculum... I can't tell you how great it was to use the lesson plans completely and feel like we were doing such beautiful quality schooling, and we still had time to do all sorts of in depth studies and extra activities. CHC is truly the perfect blend of academics, Faith, and home. I am looking forward to becoming a TOTAL CHC family and I tell all our friends about your curriculum! Thank you, Thank you! Bless you all!”
- Katherine, CA
“First, I am always giggling inside when I hear other moms fuss and complain about the time they have to spend "planning out" their lesson plans. I love the fact that all of that work is done for me, and all I have to do is turn the page. There is very little prep that needs to be done at the beginning of each week. This is the major plus for me!

I have many friends who pride themselves on using such a wide variety of materials for their home schools, however, they are also the same ones who are burnt out by Spring of every year because they have to plan and coordinate all of those materials to coincide with each other. CHC has made that a non-issue for me, and I am able to use those valuable hours to spend with my children and family doing much more exciting things. I also appreciate how the PK to 4th grade lesson plans are for four days, giving me one day every week to apply towards catching up, field trips or extra curricular activities. We have not been behind more than a few days this entire year, and I think it is because of that 4-day flexibility.

I thank you, CHC, for making my first years of homeschooling absolutely pleasant and unforgettable. I am already looking forward to starting second grade!”

- Rebecca, GA
“I would like to say that I am grateful for using your materials for my first year of homeschooling. It was the right balance of structure and flexibility for my teaching style and my grade 2 son absolutely loved the Devotional Stories. I did as well.”
- Sandra, Ontario, Canada
“I am nervous about my first year of homeschooling, but after looking over the lesson plans, I think everything is going to be fine. The materials are just beautiful.”
- Deborah
“Thank you to everyone who must have worked so hard to put the Lesson Plan book together. This week I will begin homeschooling for the first time with my second grader. I had so many questions and concerns, but everything was addressed in your well written and organized guide.”
- Tonya, MI
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