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Light to the Nations (Part One) Daily Lesson Plans
This 36-week single-subject lesson plan provides a daily schedule for Light to the Nations, Part One Student Text and Workbook. The lesson plan coordinates the following assignments: 
  • Reading assignments from the Student Text
  • Activities and discussion questions ("Ideas in Action") from the Student Text
  • Workbook pages for review
  • Timeline project: The lesson plan includes detailed directions for constructing a timeline of the 1st to 17th centuries, using a free printable timeline template
  • Writing assignments: Writing prompts and step-by-step instructions for writing paragraphs and essays are included in the lesson plan. For each century, the student will write a paragraph about something important that happened during that century. The student will also complete seven longer writing assignments on historical topics. The student can choose between five-paragraph essays or more creative assignments, such as writing diary entries of a knight in the First Crusade. All paragraph and essay prompts are included in these lesson plans.  
Features one-page-per-week detailed daily lesson plans with check-boxes, clear weekly goals, "Year at a Glance" chart, and room for notes.
5 days a week, 36 weeks. Shrink-wrapped. 48 pgs. Loose-leaf, 3-hole drilled.

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