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Our United States of America
From Sea to Shining Sea
All Ye Lands
Light to the Nations (Part One)
Light to the Nations (Part Two)
Behold and See 1
Behold and See 2
Behold and See 3
Behold and See 4
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Life Science
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The Secret Code of Poetry
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For those who would like a little help designing their lessons, but don't wish to completely replicate the public school model in their home, CHC lesson plans may be just what you're looking for! CHC lesson plans are gentle but thorough, providing a strong academic and Faith-filled education. With CHC's lesson plans, the family tailors the studies to fit the family; with public school, private school, or a very structured home study school, the program tailors the family to fit the studies.

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Life Science Daily Lesson Plans
Earth Science: God's World, Our Home Daily Lesson Plans
The Secret Code of Poetry Daily Lesson Plans
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“I've been homeschooling for 5 years now and have been very hesitant to be "tied down" to a particular curriculum, though I frequently used your books. This year, upon request of my oldest daughter, we are trying an official lesson plan. To all of our delight, we LOVE it! It actually allows us more freedom because I don't have to do as much leg work and research. It is all right there for us! Thank you CHC! ”
- Sharon, OH
“Thank heaven for CHC materials and God bless all of you who work there. We're in our 3rd year with CHC and you can count on our order for Year 4 in a couple of weeks. With 3 boys, a business and two ranches, we don't have time to mess around experimenting and guessing and reinventing the wheel of Catholic education. We've trusted your program and lesson plans and have two above-average readers and eager learners who never complain about doing their school work each day. Thank you, CHC.”
- Suzie, CA
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