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“What a wonderful endeavor you have going with CHC. I send you my thanks for all that you and your organization are doing to help homeschooling parents and students! My prayer is that through organizations like yours (taking the stress out of homeschooling and making it truly achievable) MORE families will start and continue homeschooling. I've told everyone I know about CHC and how your materials and the overall content on your website has helped me. Thanks again!”
- Andrea, ON, Canada
“CHC has been a blessing to us! We have homeschooled from the very beginning and have tried many different options. Designing our own program, enrolling in a school, using classical lesson plans, etc. This year with CHC is the first year that I'm not looking for a different curriculum option for next year. I know that, with some minor tweaking, CHC lesson plans will meet the needs of our family. What a relief! A burden has been lifted off my shoulders! Thank you so much.”
- Becky, KS
“Thank heaven for CHC materials and God bless all of you who work there. We're in our 3rd year with CHC and you can count on our order for Year 4 in a couple of weeks. With 3 boys, a business and two ranches, we don't have time to mess around experimenting and guessing and reinventing the wheel of Catholic education. We've trusted your program and lesson plans and have two above-average readers and eager learners who never complain about doing their school work each day. Thank you, CHC.”
- Suzie, CA
“I've been homeschooling for 5 years now and have been very hesitant to be "tied down" to a particular curriculum, though I frequently used your books. This year, upon request of my oldest daughter, we are trying an official lesson plan. To all of our delight, we LOVE it! It actually allows us more freedom because I don't have to do as much leg work and research. It is all right there for us! Thank you CHC! ”
- Sharon, OH
“Like so many parents new to home schooling, you wonder where the right place is to start your journey. Well, you need not look any further than the CHC Lesson Plans. If you're new to homeschooling, then you can follow the step-by-step daily layout provided as is. There is no need to spend tireless hours researching and planning your school year, and you can take comfort in knowing that your child will receive a quality Catholic education. As a seasoned homeschool veteran, I find the Lessons Plans an invaluable resource. It is packed full of information, ideas, teaching tools, charts, certificates, and the list goes on. I would have taken precious time from my family trying to put a plan together with this amount of substantial information and activities. Even though I no longer follow the plans exactly as they are laid out (love the flexibility here), I simply wouldn't start the school year without my CHC Lesson Plans.”
- Tami, WA
“Thank you for making homeschooling so much easier!”
“Last year, my kids were so excited when their schoolbooks arrived that they begged me to start school early. What a treat to see them excited about learning! Thank you, CHC.”
- Cynthia, Hawaii
“I have a child in 2nd grade, a child in 1st grade and a child in pre-school. With the school books from CHC, it's so easy for me to work with all of them, separately or together. They learn to work together and feel connected to each other by learning the same or similar things. So besides it being easier on me it also brings the children closer together. What a great blessing that is coming from something a little unexpected!”
- Amber, CO
“We're only a week into our new schoolyear and our home is much more pleasant with four school aged children, two littles and our new lesson plans! We've always homeschooled, but for some reason I kept thinking school had to be rigorous and excessively challenging to be 'working'... I am so glad we switched to CHC! ”
- Kate, KS
“I want to emphasize our great appreciation of your lesson plans and guides. I would describe our budding homeschool experience as above average compared to fellow Catholic homeschool moms I've met who are starting out. I am refreshed each week with the certainty of knowing that we accomplished our educational goals without being overwhelmed. My husband compliments me on how well our boys are doing and is often amazed by our oldest's accomplishments from week to week.”
- Suzan, California
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