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My Very First Catholic Speller
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My Catholic Speller Series

The aims of the My Catholic Speller series are these: to provide a phonics-based approach to spelling; to instill a love for Our Lord and His Church; to present the material in a format that is simple to teach and simple to learn. To facilitate this aim, the program strives to present a simplified, effective approach to phonetic spelling that is easy for the parent to use and perhaps not so frustrating to the student as some other programs might be.

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My Very First Catholic Speller
My Catholic Speller, Level A
My Catholic Speller, Level B
My Catholic Speller, Level C
My Catholic Speller, Level D
My Catholic Speller, Level E
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“The choices of books and materials that you include in your curriculum and the way you put it all together is just ingenious, it really is. The faith is so interwoven into all aspects of the curriculum that it has become second nature to my children. I don't make my children memorize catechism questions or scripture, but I am realizing I don't need to. When our Catholic Faith is presented the way it is in your curriculum, they don't even know they are learning it along with their reading, spelling, or grammar. I would have given up homeschooling years ago if it weren't for CHC. Thank you!”
- Kathleen, NJ
“This is our first year homeschooling, and we chose CHC for our curriculum provider based on many positive recommendations from friends. I have to tell you, we have not been disappointed! My children have been avid readers (one started to fluently read at 3) and using My Catholic Speller has been such a joy for my children. Each lesson ties together nicely a different aspect of learning to spell, and also incorporates words pertaining to our faith when appropriate. The boys really like pulling out their My Catholic Spellers and getting to work on learning their new spelling words. It is also nice that there are only 15 words each week. That really seems to be a perfect number for comprehension, yet challenging enough to keep them from getting bored. Thank you for this wonderful product!”
- Cindy, FL
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