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Little Stories for Little Folks: Catholic Phonics Readers
Nancy Nicholson

Fifth edition — now in full color!

Little Stories for Little Folks is a complete, Catholic, phonics-based reading program. Beginning with colorful, stiff cardstock flash cards and active games for alphabet letter and sound recognition, the program progresses to pre-reading exercises which teach the student to blend sounds into words. The child then begins reading the forty-five, colorfully illustrated stories about other homeschool families! Each story is printed on 8½"x11" sheets to be folded into little booklets, which give the child the satisfaction of finishing a "whole book."  Booklets are illustrated mini-stories containing words from new phonics concepts, as well as words learned in previous lessons, to provide maximum word exposure (nearly 7,000 words!). 
Every lesson is immediately preceded by a parent instruction page which shows in simple steps how to present the reading exercises, worksheets, active games, and stories. All of these are organized and contained under one cover, making presentation of lessons super-simple.
Thousands of children not only have learned to read but are usually reading well above grade level by the end of first grade, using Little Stories for Little Folks.
Pre-K to 1st grade; loose-leaf tablet, shrink-wrapped. 8½"x11"  Fifth Edition -- now in full color!
A complete, two-year program for one low price!




From the author: "Teaching word families is probably the most gratifying way for a child to quickly discover that there are patterns to words and that they can read a LOT of words even when they are just beginning. Nothing breeds success like success! Drill, with the exception of flashcards in the pre-reading stage, can seem so pointless and dry to the child that it is almost self-defeating. They want to READ! The best way to practice sounds is within words within sentences within interesting, short stories!"

See also Little Stories for Little Folks’ companion workbooks: Catholic Heritage Handwriting, Level K and Level 1. These workbooks provide story-by-story phonics practice as primary students copy and reinforce letter combinations and words that they have just read in Little Stories for Little Folks. Children master reading skills even more rapidly when using these companion workbooks.

Higher level reading practice is presented through engaging, character-building stories in What Do You Like to Do..., What Can You Do...Bigger Stories for Little Folks, Devotional Stories for Little Folks, and Devotional Stories for Little Folks, Too.

Recommended core text in CHC Lesson Plans for Kindergarten and First Grade.

Take a tour of the Kindergarten and First Grade materials here

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“This...will be our first year of homeschooling...[public school] kindergarten [was] a sad experience...for my son. Essentially a bright and observant boy AND easily distracted. The distractedness ...resulted in a young boy afraid of getting in trouble when he is doing his best...but still failing and now hates school at the age of 6. We started the Little Folks program in July...[after about three weeks] he read aloud alone Book #7 from Level 1...with pride...beaming. He did the same with book #8 yesterday. And today he was taking over while we looked at book #9. While I am thrilled that he is learning to read, I am even more grateful that he is engaged and taking initiative. Praise be to God...the progress made in reading and attitude is an answer to prayer that will fuel our new adventure as a family. Thank you so very much!”
- Sherrylynne, MN
“We are just finishing up our first year of homeschooling. In the beginning I struggled through a well acclaimed book to teach my then 5 year old how to read. After just a few weeks of lessons he was running away from me at any mention of it. A friend told me about Little Stories for Little Folks and so I went ahead and bought it. However, I stubbornly stuck with the original program. Then my 4 year old started to ask to do lessons just like big brother, so I decided to start him with Little Stories for Little Folks. He took to it quickly. He calls them his "little lessons" and he's very proud of his work. Watching his joy and enthusiasm finally convinced me to switch my 6 year old over to this program. The transformation in his attitude was immediate. The beginning went quickly because it was a review for him. He loves playing with words and practicing word families was just his cup of tea. Reading the stories has given him confidence and he has learned to love his lessons again. And we both love that they are Catholic!! Thanks so much for a wonderful program!”
- Gia, TX
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