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“We have searched and used any number of science texts and have never had the ease of use, the beauty and the thoroughness of Behold and See. We are actually using it for all of our elementary age children. The experiments captivate the youngest while they reawaken a wonder in the oldest that was killed with dry, old or outdated texts.”
- Janet
“I have been homeschooling for six years, and as I finish up fifth grade with my oldest I realize truly how much I appreciate Behold and See 3. This text covers all your basics so that when your child works through the 5th and 6th grade plans, they are able to peruse whatever their interests are in science. Thank you CHC!”
- Diane, Washington State
“I have always wanted to branch out into teaching science with living books, but it was also very overwhelming to me. This school year I used Behold and See as suggested in Catholic Heritage Curricula 3rd grade lesson plans for my oldest son, and was very pleased. This 'textbook' read like a living book. The pictures were beautiful and instructive. My son Nathan had no problem reading the text to himself (he is 8), following through with the experiments or projects (his favorite was making a solar system book) and answering questions/taking tests. It was very self paced. Nathan is beyond excited about science.”
- Jamie, RI
“We have been using Behold and See 3 and we have enjoyed everything about the book! The graphics are beautiful and grab your attention, but are not busy. Very pleasing! The info. provided for each unit is complete and very helpfully laid out for use by the student with or without the help of a parent.”
- Therese
“Behold & See 3 is a wonderful Science text filled with great pictures, easy to understand language so the children can read it on their own, and fun experiments in every chapter. Our family has set up a routine so that Dad can teach Science using the book after he gets home from work. It is a simple way for the kids to have one on one fun time with dad. The 10 chapters allow us to spread science over the whole school year, working on one chapter for 3 weeks. This gives the children an in-depth look at the world around them, helps them to take their time to learn all that they need to learn, and helps broaden their curiosity.”
- MaryAnne, GA
“I just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed the Behold and See science text this year. I love the colorful pages and the simple, yet extremely helpful science experiments. They have made our year so much more interesting than just reading a text. Thanks so much for providing this!”
- Jennifer
“I just wanted to thank you for your Science curriculum 'Behold and See'. This is our 13th year of homeschooling ... It is the first time I have ever seen science experiments that 1) make sense and 2) really work! My 3rd grade daughter and I have been having a blast learning about matter. I have 'relearned' so much just by doing the experiments with her, and she is really understanding what she is learning. Thank you so much!”
- Valerie, NC
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