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Firmly grounded in a belief that faith and reason are inseparable, the Behold and See science series teaches up-to-date scientific knowledge within the context of our Catholic faith. Scientifically excellent, these texts gently but compellingly demonstrate God’s active and foundational role in creation, and reflect on the proper use of scientific knowledge for the glory of God. The Behold and See series is also distinguished by its hands-on approach, full-color illustrations, and ease-of-use for the busy homeschooler. 

The Behold and See science series is one of Cathy Duffy's 102 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum: "Overall, this seems to me one of the best science programs for Catholic families.... The entire series is excellent." Read Cathy's full review here.

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Behold & See K: Exploring Nature with Stories, Activities, and Nature Walks
Behold and See 1: On the Farm with Josh and Hanna
Behold and See 2: More Science with Josh and Hanna
Behold and See 3: Beginning Science
Behold and See 4: Human Anatomy and Health
Behold and See 5
$39.95 Student Text
$13.95 Student Workbook
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“I just love how all the materials fully immerse the child into the Catholic faith that they live each day - nothing is separated from their faith - all is as God planned it to be (faith and life are one!).”
- Mickie, Australia
“The CHC science books have brought such a wonder about God to my children. They are magical, and I'm sorry that all children everywhere don't get the same teaching. My children marvel about God's creation, and I thank you for your excellent materials which bring the abstract, God's love for us, to life in tangible ways. This great love and appreciation they're developing about God through science is a huge building block on which their character is being formed. We can love and serve God, but we have to know Him! They are learning in depth, and I thank you again for helping us in their formation.”
- MaryAnn, PA
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