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As Catholics, our Faith should permeate every facet of our lives. George Weigel wrote in his biography of John Paul II, Witness to Hope, "Nothing in his life happens outside the truth of the 'more excellent way.' His faith is not one facet of his personality or one dimension of his intellect. His faith IS Karol Wojtyla, at the most profound level of his personhood."

When religion is taught only as a separate subject, the subtle message given is that religion does not permeate our lives; it is only something we learn in this class, and/or live at Holy Mass. Nothing could be further from the truth, or from what we wish our children to be.

Rather, it is absolutely possible to teach grammar and geography, science and phonics, with a solid academic base while at the same time training children to live their Faith within the microcosm of their families and within the larger world.

CHC materials, in a gentle, often subtle and happy way, recognize that our Faith is not a separate component of our lives, but rather who we are and Who we wish to be transformed into.

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Behold and See 1: On the Farm with Josh and Hanna
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Behold and See 3: Beginning Science
Behold and See 4: Human Anatomy and Health
Behold and See 5
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Behold and See 6
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