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Creative Communications: Thirty Writing, Speaking, and Drawing Projects for Homeschoolers
Sandra Garant

Creative Communications was written to introduce or reintroduce young writers to writing, speaking, and drawing as tools for effective communication. Rather than assigning essays and reports, this book provides a wealth of real-life writing projects that will demonstrate to children the importance of good communication.

Projects and activities in Creative Communications include:

  • making courteous introductions in public with name tags
  • discovering the importance of research by writing the grocery list
  • sending conversational messages to friends recorded on a tape
  • learning to consider the audience by creating personalized cards for others
  • getting the point across through succinct and appealing signs
  • grasping one’s history lesson by writing the test
  • providing purpose to essays by making them action letters
  • and many more practical ideas!

Whether your children are in pre-school or high school, the thirty speaking, writing, and drawing projects detailed in Creative Communications will equip your students with the skills they need to communicate their thoughts and ideas to others—creatively.

The author, a Catholic homeschooler, details how she taught her three children to effectively communicate through the written word. "I wanted my children to use writing, drawing, and speaking to handle specific personal situations successfully. I wanted them to be able to write conversational letters, to take phone messages, and to learn to ask thoughtful questions. I wanted them to communicate their thoughts and ideas clearly to others and to be able to determine the best means of doing that."

Not a weekly lesson plan book, but a book filled with meaningful ideas that you can adapt to your lifestyle. "I want to encourage and inspire you and your children to improve your communication based upon your family's daily activities. In our house, good communication makes a more interesting and more harmonious day."

Chosen by Cathy Duffy for 100 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum!

Includes a new section of 12 writing games. 127 pages. Softcover. Spiral bound for ease of use.  8½"x11"

About the Author
Sandra Garant is a veteran home schooling mom, business writer, and attorney. She taught her three children at home until they were ready for college. She has written several books, including the Writing Workshops series. She is married to George Garant, and they live happily in San Antonio, TX. Sandra attends Our Lady of the Atonement Church. She is a member of the San Antonio Chesterton Society and the Catholic Lawyers Guild of San Antonio. 


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