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Our family is looking at different homeschool providers and also at Catholic schools. We hesitate to buy the whole package for fear it won't work for us. How can I know for sure that CHC is a good fit for my children?

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Catholic Heritage Curricula came into being specifically to provide Catholic curricula, designed to teach simultaneously both academic skills and the Faith to little minds equally open to truth and falsehood. It is our ardent desire to assist families by providing quality, affordable, easy-to-use Catholic materials that teach the truth.

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“I have been using your products for 7 years now and I still love them. Thank you for creating homeschooling books that make learning fun for a large family. We can work through the core and still have time to do fun projects or take care of a new baby in the house.”
- Chris, WI
“I want to thank you....My oldest (and first CHC student) is going off to her second year of college this year. My youngest, a 1st grader, is going to enjoy these goodies that I'm ordering this year! :-) I always love doing business with you and am thankful for this ministry that you have for us to enjoy to make our homeschool a better one! God bless you & your family!”
- Sue Ann, FL
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