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Catholic Heritage Curricula came into being specifically to provide Catholic curricula, designed to teach simultaneously both academic skills and the Faith to little minds equally open to truth and falsehood. It is our ardent desire to assist families by providing quality, affordable, easy-to-use Catholic materials that teach the truth.

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View all 1
“I want to thank you for restoring my excitement and enthusiasm about homeschooling. CHC's curriculum is like a breath of fresh air. With my previous provider, the beauty of homeschooling a child who does not fit the mold was all but lost as I became a Drill Sergeant, marshalling him through too much required work in order to receive a grade from them. I also have a first grader who has just turned 5, so your program is gentle and flexible enough for him to proceed to first grade without being overwhelmed by too many texts and too much seatwork. I feel like the emphasis on virtues and family will not only be an education for my children, but will increase the harmony of our home. And finally, de-emphasizing tests will take the pressure off, and restore primacy to the learning process itself, rather than learning for the sake of passing tests.Thank you for making me feel happy about homeschooling again!”
- Jennifer, MA
“Our family of seven thanks you all for this beautiful curriculum you have provided for our family. This will be our second year and we're moving from 1 student up to 4. I feel confident that through God's abundant grace and your truly Catholic curriculum our year will be a successful one, even as we welcome Baby #6 next May. God bless everyone at CHC to continue this mission you've received from our Lord, Amen!”
- Johanna, LA
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