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“We love CHC! Your products are the only ones my son doesn't complain about using! I always tell people now we homeschool because we're educating for eternity! Thank you for making it fun to be Catholic...and fun to homeschool!”
- Rachel, California
“My sister-in-law loves your curriculum! She says your program has heart...that you don't get lost in the curriculum like other programs out there. Also, you always focus on the big picture. We love your motto!”
- Tracy, MI
“I am so impressed with CHC's materials... I think they are going to make all the difference in the the world to our budding homeschool family.”
- Jennifer, NE
“I have been homeschooling for 8 years now and without a doubt you have the best resourses available and you are the most efficient at sending out materials. God bless you in your most important work. ”
- Lisa, Oregon
“I can't tell you what a blessing it is to have such a cohesive, thorough, moral, and faith-building curriculum! In our family, we strive to include our faith in every aspect of our lives. CHC is therefore the perfect companion in training up our children, because it incorporates Christ and the Catholic Faith into every nook and cranny of its academics! Thank you, CHC, for such wonderful materials!”
- Andrea
“Dear CHC, I have been home schooling my three girls for 3 years now. We have used your materials from the very first day. I am so happy to say that thanks to your beautiful and faith-filled curriculum, my children have thrived not only academically, but most importantly in their Catholic Faith. You have helped make our family whole by filling that space or void between just saying we are Catholic, and actually living and working toward being a Catholic Family. My children love their reading, spelling, and grammar books. They tell every one that their favorite author is Nancy Nicholson. I can't say enough about how thrilled we all are to have your materials in our home. I repeatedly recommend your curriculum to other moms and tell them about this wonderful program I discovered! Thank you! May God bless you and all who work arduously to make home schooling possible for families on the road to raising better people, faithful Catholics, and better Americans!”
- Corina, San Diego
“I want to thank you for restoring my excitement and enthusiasm about homeschooling. CHC's curriculum is like a breath of fresh air. With my previous provider, the beauty of homeschooling a child who does not fit the mold was all but lost as I became a Drill Sergeant, marshalling him through too much required work in order to receive a grade from them. I also have a first grader who has just turned 5, so your program is gentle and flexible enough for him to proceed to first grade without being overwhelmed by too many texts and too much seatwork. I feel like the emphasis on virtues and family will not only be an education for my children, but will increase the harmony of our home. And finally, de-emphasizing tests will take the pressure off, and restore primacy to the learning process itself, rather than learning for the sake of passing tests.Thank you for making me feel happy about homeschooling again!”
- Jennifer, MA
“I am very grateful for CHC, I have ordered from you in the past, and I have one request: Please do not let me leave for another homeschool provider/school ever again. Hold my hand tightly, and don't let me wander off again. Our family thrives while using your materials. We grow together, there is peace in the home. Then the devil steps in and confuses me....."Maybe the children aren't doing enough," "Maybe they need more work," "Maybe they are behind their friends who go to schools," "Maybe I should push them to be ahead of their peers so we don't look like ignorant homeschoolers," etc. I'm sure you've heard this before from other parents. Well, we tried all the rigorous programs [various Catholic and Protestant programs], and while they are academically challenging to my children, they also disrupted the peace in our home. One child cries daily. He does his work obediently, but his young love of learning is being snuffed out. Three of the older children get up as early as they can to get as much of their school work out of the way without really learning anything. It's just an awful drudgery that must be accomplished everyday by checking the "Completed" box next to assignments. Our eldest homeschooling son actually begged us to let him quit school and try for the GED because the high school program just was not a good fit for him!

Well, it's been a long semester for us since we began this past September. This Christmas break has brought me the gift of perspective. My children are lively again because they don't have that dreaded weight on their backs. I've seen them brighten up in only two weeks. So, with prayers to Our Dear Mother to let me know what to do, She led me back to CHC. Many prayers were answered very quickly, too! So, I browsed the site, felt like I was back home again, and placed an order today for over $700 of your beautiful materials...(which you've already shipped out - ya'll are amazing!) I wish you could have shared with me in watching the children as I told them to go to the school area and pack away all their materials because we're going back to CHC. The relief and delight was so precious! Everyone was so happy. The peace is coming back into my home already. We are so excited to receive our order. Even though we are basically starting the year over, the children said,'Who cares? I'd rather do CHC over than ever do anything else' So, thank you. I am filled with gratitude for all you do for this program. It fits us so well. I will remember all of you, your families, and CHC's continued growth and success in my Masses and Rosaries. You are a blessing to us. Please, again, somehow, don't let me question everything and wander off again. I hope I've learned my lesson for good. Please, pray for me, also. God bless you all!”

- Michelle, Georgia
“Our family of seven thanks you all for this beautiful curriculum you have provided for our family. This will be our second year and we're moving from 1 student up to 4. I feel confident that through God's abundant grace and your truly Catholic curriculum our year will be a successful one, even as we welcome Baby #6 next May. God bless everyone at CHC to continue this mission you've received from our Lord, Amen!”
- Johanna, LA
“We have a son (11yo) and two daughters (6 & 9yo) who are all very different learners and have unique strengths and weaknesses. After an attempt with other materials we found Catholic Heritage Curricula allows us to extend lessons, or shorten them based on their learning styles and interests. We have found that even if one child doesn't care for a particular subject, it pushes him to grow just a bit further---to stretch out through the Lord and to accept a challenge. Yet to view that challenge not as something negative but to receive the light and Truth of the Lord. The materials are not something we do to just "get it over with." Sometimes a lesson may begin that way for a child but it usually doesn't end that way. Thank you for your hard work and faithful attention to detail.”
- Kimberly, LA
“We survived our first year of homeschooling! Three different grades, a toddler and a colicky baby born Sept. 15th. Here's the amazing part - I loved it! I'll never send my children to school again. Your books are lovely, so filled with the beauty of our faith. God bless you for your good work!”
- Brigitte, Missouri
“I have been using your products for 7 years now and I still love them. Thank you for creating homeschooling books that make learning fun for a large family. We can work through the core and still have time to do fun projects or take care of a new baby in the house.”
- Chris, WI
“Your curriculum is so lovely. The simplicity of it is its beauty. There are days that I need a little pick-me-up and I am surprised by the inspiration that appears at just the right moment from my children's books. Thank you for your love and devotion that touches our lives.”
- Karen, Illinois
“After viewing your curricula I was very reassured that homeschooling isn't rocket science, it's first a matter of stepping out in Faith, and the life of Providence. "God doesn't call the equipped, He equips the called." Boy, is that ever true. CHC was our first step into homeschooling and I'm very grateful for that. The warmth of the website is like the open Hand of Jesus, inviting you into a more excellent way. I needed exactly that when we started. I'd read other Catholic authors on homeschooling philosophy and it scared the daylights out of me. CHC erased those fears and allowed me to put my hand in Christ's--which allowed Him to lift us all up. Praise God. I especially appreciate your unwavering commitment to the Faith that is also warm and inviting. When I meet other moms who are where I was before we started, I always recommend you to them. CHC is a soft spot to land.”
- Jennifer, CA
“I LOVE all of Nancy Nicholson's books because she has really cool stuff in them especially about the Saints!”
- Gemma (10), MN
“My son really enjoys the phonics flashcards. It makes my heart glad to hear, "R says rrrrr in rosary and rabbit, R says R,R,R." He calls them "his cards" and is quite proud of them.”
- Angela, Louisiana
“Your curriculum truly is a God-send for those of us who are Catholic and want to provide a God-centered education for our children. Yes, there are a lot of Protestant curricula available but I want something that I'm not constantly checking and rechecking for errors. It is also nice that your prices are reasonable. Thank you so much for all of your hard work helping those of us who want to home school. ”
- Heather, Connecticut
“I want to thank you....My oldest (and first CHC student) is going off to her second year of college this year. My youngest, a 1st grader, is going to enjoy these goodies that I'm ordering this year! :-) I always love doing business with you and am thankful for this ministry that you have for us to enjoy to make our homeschool a better one! God bless you & your family!”
- Sue Ann, FL
“I'll take this opportunity to let you folks know how grateful we are to have "found CHC". We've been homeschooling for 8 years now, but only Catholic for 3 years. My husband and I (thank God, together) converted and our children were baptized at the Easter Vigil after a year of intense study. We had been a preacher's family, my husband a pastor -- and here we are, reading aloud The King of the Golden City, following our liturgical calendar, and reading Church Fathers with spelling lessons . . . what a life, what a Church! Thank you for your business with such a heart and mission.”
- Allison, Alaska
“This is our first year homeschooling. I bought CHC and 2 other programs. I thought CHC was too light at first. But I think that the gentleness of the lesson keeps learning fun. There are no complaints here and I love the lesson plans. Great job!”
- Angela, Louisiana
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