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“We tried several handwriting programs for our son before we purchased your handwriting books. We finally found a program that was successful and our son really enjoyed it. It was a perfect fit for him and he no longer became overwhelmed or frustrated by lengthy writing assignments. He loves the silly riddles that are throughout his 3rd grade book and I love seeing the pride he has when he finishes a page neatly”
- Tami, WA
“I am using your new handwriting series this year. I really love it, and so do my boys! The simplicity and holy messages are awesome!”
- Kerry, IL
“I love that you make your handwriting books with a spiral! It makes it so much easier for the children to write neatly.”
- Janine, IL
“My son is in the 3rd grade. He really wanted to learn cursive so we used Level 3. The top binding was wonderful. The riddles were such a pleasure. He really enjoyed asking us the riddles after he went and looked in the mirror to find the answer. It was school and fun all put together. I enjoy the riddles plus I enjoy the reinforcements of our Catholic Faith in the handwriting. ”
- Audry, LA
“We have used CHC materials for both of my daughters for grades first through six. They particularly like the new handwriting program. My girls enjoy that the pages flip from the top (spiral bound) saying this allows them to freely write without a "bump" in their way. The Latin phrases and prayers included for copy work, as well as the cute riddles; keep them learning, interested, and laughing too, all while focusing on their Catholic faith and handwriting skills. ”
- Kristi, AZ
“I just love Nancy Nicholson's handwriting books. My daughter has done almost a whole section of the lessons. It's not near the struggle it's been in the past. ”
- Louise, NJ
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