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“My son is in the 3rd grade. He really wanted to learn cursive so we used Level 3. The top binding was wonderful. The riddles were such a pleasure. He really enjoyed asking us the riddles after he went and looked in the mirror to find the answer. It was school and fun all put together. I enjoy the riddles plus I enjoy the reinforcements of our Catholic Faith in the handwriting. ”
- Audry, LA
“I love that you make your handwriting books with a spiral! It makes it so much easier for the children to write neatly.”
- Janine, IL
“We tried several handwriting programs for our son before we purchased your handwriting books. We finally found a program that was successful and our son really enjoyed it. It was a perfect fit for him and he no longer became overwhelmed or frustrated by lengthy writing assignments. He loves the silly riddles that are throughout his 3rd grade book and I love seeing the pride he has when he finishes a page neatly.”
- Tami, WA
“I just love Nancy Nicholson's handwriting books. My daughter has done almost a whole section of the lessons. It's not near the struggle it's been in the past. ”
- Louise, NJ
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