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Some Catholic homeschool providers use mostly secular or Protestant materials, basing this use on the argument that there is no such thing as 'Catholic' spelling, grammar, or geography. Is it really such a big deal to have Catholic content in these subjects?

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History & Geography

The ultimate aim of social studies, history, and geography is to help the child discover how he fits into God's design for all humanity, past, present, and future. Since young children are very egocentric, it is difficult for them to understand their relationship to events in the distant past. This is why CHC's social studies/history sequence begins with geography programs that introduce the child to people and places that are geographically, but not temporally distant. The student begins studying history in fourth grade, starting with the history of his state, moving on in fifth grade to the history of his country, and finally, in sixth grade, to the history of the world. In this way, CHC's history sequence progresses from what is most familiar to the child to what is least familiar, in order to instill an awareness that, when studying other time periods, the child is not simply observing something outside himself. Rather, he is learning how to act responsibly before God as a Catholic who has been called in some way to bring the light of Christ to the world.

History & Geography Programs
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“I wish I had time for a long, inspiring letter to tell you how much your materials, and the people behind them and in your small company, have meant to me and my family over the years. A short 'thank you' will have to do for now. A box of materials ordered from CHC is always a 'taste of heaven' when it arrives at our door. Every one of the items I've ever purchased from you has touched my heart and soul at some level (isn't curriculum for Moms who are trying to grow in their own Faith?), and the children's souls have been touched too.”
- Vonnie
“The materials I ordered are very beautiful, very inspired, and very excellent quality. This curricula is strengthening the faith of not just our child, but our entire family. Catholic Heritage Curricula is just what we were looking for and the answer to our prayer... Thank you for such a wonderful way for families to educate and grow with their children.”
- M.O.
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