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Some Catholic homeschool providers use mostly secular or Protestant materials, basing this use on the argument that there is no such thing as 'Catholic' spelling, grammar, or geography. Is it really such a big deal to have Catholic content in these subjects?

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The subject matter of Social Studies encompasses the interaction of all peoples. The ultimate aim of Social Studies is to discover “where I fit” into God's design for all humanity, past, present, and future. From a historical perspective, Social Studies includes all humanity and human relations from the beginning of time to its end—relations among countries; relations within a single country; relations within a single state; relations within a city or community; relations within our own family. And that is why our Social Studies program begins with developing a child's awareness of his role within the family. He then learns an important lesson: He isn't simply observing something happening outside himself; rather, he is learning how to act responsibly before God, first within the family, and then as a Catholic who has been called in some way to bring the light of Christ to the world.

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“Catholic homeschooling is the best decision I made in my life! My children are knowledgeable and confident in their faith. Sadly, we have seen many friends and family members fall away from the church the moment they head to college and some even sooner that that. While we always pray for them and await their return we know without a doubt it is because of homeschooling that we are able to grow and continue in our Catholic faith. It is because of the day to day joy we find in living and studying our faith--me right along with my children!! CHC has only gotten better since I found you!! Just keep doing what you are doing and thanks ever so much for being there.”
- Cecilia, CA
“We are in our 3rd year with CHC. Our 2nd grade son has been so enthusiastic about the Social Studies project with the continents. Our son is an audio learner and is overwhelmed with too much "visuals." Thus, we used the continents projects as "organizing" instead of "regurgitating" information which resulted in my son being thoroughly excited to learn how to put information together in a sensible way that he could use later to narrate to people. Thank you so very much for your outstanding Lesson Plans. As parents, we are so inspired by your Lesson Plans that we find ourselves growing in leaps and bounds alongside our children. We were so inspired to discover that in Antarctica, they have a shrine to Our Lady of Snows at the McMurdo Research Station. How exciting it is to find that others share our faith, even so far away. Catholic Heritage Curricula Lesson Plans are thoroughly complete in all school subject areas, and so rich! ”
- Suzan, CA
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