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My Catholic Speller, Level B
Nancy Nicholson

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As with previous levels, this worktext teaches new spelling words while reinforcing child's phonics skills. Easy-to-use, self-contained program includes all instructions with each lesson and a removable answer key in the back of the book. Economical - time saving - no need to purchase or refer to separate teacher's manual or answer key! A variety of activities is utilized in each lesson to hold student's interest: identifying rhyming words, fill-in-the-blank, alphabetizing, crosswords, and more.

Bonus: This level introduces "Scriptural Answers For Every Catholic Kid" to help children know and be ready to answer for their faith. Age-appropriate explanations of each verse are included in the book! Children work towards a "S.A.F.E. Catholic Kid" certificate.

SAVE: Lessons include vocabulary-building exercises - no need to purchase a separate vocabulary program!

Advanced Second/Average Third Grade. Spiral bound for ease of use. Illustrated. Softcover. 82 pgs. 34 lessons. Answer key included.

Recommended core text in CHC Lesson Plans for Third Grade   Tour this title in the Third Grade Interactive Guide!


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“My children really enjoy using the My Catholic Speller series. There is never any grumbling when my 3 older kids have to pull out their spelling books. They have all learned to spell really well and are learning great techniques and so much about their faith--just from their spelling books. How neat is that? They have also learned that anything from Nancy Nicholson is going to be a winner!! My 3rd grader loves how her My Catholic Speller and Catholic Heritage Handwriting book so often go together, where some of the practice words will be the same. Thanks CHC and Nancy Nicholson for putting out your best for us to make homeschooling our kids a little easier!”
- Angela, WI
“The Bible verses to memorize in the 3rd grade spelling book have been great. My son loves memorizing, but using a separate book was always a bit of a hassle and got left off at the end of the day. Having them right in the book is a lot of fun for us and easy to incorporate.”
- Carol, WA
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