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My daughter is enjoying the Language Arts materials and is finishing her work early. How do I know if I'm covering enough material?

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Language Arts

CHC materials have been designed specifically to save preparation time for the teacher, and facilitate presentation. Homeschooling is not the same as classroom schooling. CHC workbooks are not identical to classroom texts geared to teach a large group of children at varying levels of ability.

Rather, CHC materials are designed for a one-on-one approach that, after a brief presentation of the lesson, allows the student to work far more independently than do most standard texts. This presentation not only allows the student to work independently, but also frees the teacher to give attention to other students or tasks.

Yet, one might note that CHC materials uphold solid academic standards as well. For example, parents have reported that their students, upon completion of CHC's spelling series, were two years ahead of their grade level in spelling.

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“I can't thank you enough for your materials. They are truly wonderful and everything you have said they are: gentle, academically excellent, faith- filled, and not burdensome to the parent. We have found such peace through using CHC for our homeschool. Parents should not confuse the gentleness of CHC for 'easyness'. In using an entire core kit, a beautiful quilt of learning is sewn. All the pieces fit together in way that nurtures our children's minds unlike other curriculum we have tried. We used another provider previously and will NEVER go back! I thought I would also let you know that our family is Anglican and finds CHC to be an excellent fit. In fact, I find my own faith greatly supported through my children's school materials!”
- Erin, Michigan
“I recently made a large purchase of the Language Arts, Spellers, and also Little Folks phonics. We LOVE them! Love the Catholic content in the language arts books too. I thought it might seem 'put on' but it isn't at all. My twelve-year old son just told me again today how much he likes the speller and language books!”
- S.C.
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