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CHC Lesson Plans: Second Grade

This unique daily lesson plan offers a complete guide for teaching all second grade core requirements. The two-page-per-week plans are designed for flexibility and ease of use. A multitude of enrichment activities provide hands-on reinforcement that pertains directly to the subject matter being taught each week: motivational reading charts, recommended reading list, monthly coloring pages, memory gems, illustrated chore chart, recess and P.E. ideas, certificates, and more!

CHC Lesson Plans for Second Grade includes the following unique features:

  • Comprehensive Subject Guide

Designed to take the guesswork out of planning, this handy guide offers specific teaching helps for each subject. Full of tips and suggestions to make this year a joyful one.

  • Thirty-Six Weeks of Lesson Plans
Two page-per-week format. Weekly checklist goals alongside concise, easy-to-read daily plans offer flexibility and guidance without formality. Add your own supplemental activities or take advantage of the many suggestions on every page. Core subjects are shaded for easy prioritizing, and non-core subjects are available for enrichment and/or review.
2014 Edition. 36 weeks. 146 pgs. Loose-leaf drilled, shrink-wrapped.

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“These Second Grade plans are just wonderful - that sounds pathetic written down, but I truly mean it. The introduction to the religion supplement is beautiful and the explanation of working with the 'tender conscience' of the young is the best that I have seen. The entire supplement would be well worth the cost of the plans.”
- Andrea
“As a new home schooling family, I have to share with you how blessed I am to be using the CHC Curriculum Guides. WOW! It just doesn't get any easier than this. I know exactly what I need to do each day, yet the program is flexible enough that if you wanted to say, switch out a different math program, there's no problem. Everything is covered in the guide, from what pages to do in a particular text, to the supplemental guides in the back. I am particularly fond of the 2nd grade lesson plans that we are using this year. The First Communion Prep Guide is second to none for getting a child ready for both the sacrament of reconciliation and First Communion. I highly recommend.”
- Cindy, FL
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