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How do I know which grade level materials are best for my children?

CHC now offers grade-by-grade interactive guides with lengthy, detailed sample pages of core materials. If, for example, a parent is interested in first grade lesson plans and texts, he or she can go online and have immediate access to numerous sample pages and descriptions of how the materials ‘work.’


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Lesson Plans & Resources

CHC offers a balance of all core, essential subjects and ample enrichment activities, without overwhelming the student or his teacher. For families who are experiencing a new baby or other unexpected demands on their school time, CHC suggests a focus on 'core' subjects, which are clearly labeled in CHC's grade-by-grade lesson plans. CHC's flexible program allows enrichment activities to be returned to the schedule as time permits; the focus on 'core' subjects assures that the student will be exposed to all that is necessary for his grade level, without placing undue demands on student or teacher.

Grade-Level Lesson Plans
Single-Subject Lesson Plans
“I have been reading through the lesson plans every chance I get and they are just so incredible. I have to say in all sincerity that I have never seen anything like them before and I've seen all the Catholic providers' plans as well as many Protestant plans. I'm amazed at how well you've integrated the material, the unique ideas, the layout, the natural way the faith is brought in on a truly spiritual level and still the plans are simple enough not to weary people.”
- Andrea
“I recently started homeschooling my 9 year old grandson. This is the first time I have ever homeschooled. I was scared at first but I thought God was calling me to homeschool him. I trusted that God would show me the way and He did with CHC. In August, I will be homeschooling my 14 year old grandson also. I love the way that y'all have put God in everything. Thank you.”
- Frances, Georgia
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