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“Thank you so much for making home schooling an easy task. I pulled my children out of public school six years ago out of moral necessity. My husband and I tried the 'home school in the box' approach but found it terribly labor intensive, and not necessarily as Catholic as it ought to have been. I found the CHC home school table at a conference four years ago and haven't looked for another approach to home schooling! Your program is complete, user friendly (especially for the mom), and oh so Catholic! Too many parents are trying to make their children into academic scholars. I think we should concentrate on getting them to love God so they go to heaven!!!! Educate for eternity!!! :)”
- Marie, CT
“Just received the new CHC lesson plans and devoured them! I am filled with hope (instead of dread!) for next year.”
- Leslie
“I'm so excited for my 2nd year of homeschooling, thanks to CHC!! You have no idea what a difference you make in our lives!! God bless you!”
- Lynn, NJ
“I can not stop raving about how wonderfully marvelous CHC's materials seem to be the perfect fit for the type of education we are proud to be providing for our children. As a "Catholic Homeschooling Mama," I am excited to be working through the well prepared lesson plans and suggested materials. It is an extra blessing to be so enriched myself by what I am fortunate enough to be teaching my children. THANK YOU for helping our family, "Education for Eternity!" God Bless you all!”
- Candice, MI
“I love your curriculum because it is clear and concise! I can teach my children what they need to be learning in their given grade and I can feel confident when it is time to take their assessment tests. Thank you for offering your packaged curriculum too.....wonderful when we are all trying to be resourceful and thrifty!”
- Kathleen, Alabama
“I am a huge fan of CHC materials. I am always showing them to my home school friends trying to 'convert' them! Thank you so much for creating such faithful and faith-filled, while academically challenging, materials! They are a Godsend. Thank you and God bless.”
- Elizabeth, Canada
“I recently started homeschooling my 9 year old grandson. This is the first time I have ever homeschooled. I was scared at first but I thought God was calling me to homeschool him. I trusted that God would show me the way and He did with CHC. In August, I will be homeschooling my 14 year old grandson also. I love the way that y'all have put God in everything. Thank you.”
- Frances, Georgia
“I love the lesson plans and the materials. Last year I tried a different program and I was so disappointed. It was dry and rote. My kids could not wait to return to CHC.”
- Anna, Nevada
“I have been reading through the lesson plans every chance I get and they are just so incredible. I have to say in all sincerity that I have never seen anything like them before and I've seen all the Catholic providers' plans as well as many Protestant plans. I'm amazed at how well you've integrated the material, the unique ideas, the layout, the natural way the faith is brought in on a truly spiritual level and still the plans are simple enough not to weary people.”
- Andrea
“CHC's lesson plans are reassuring and wonderful guidelines, but you don't feel like the homeschool police are going to show up at your home if you change something or need to speed up or slow down or go off on a rabbit trail. I have researched other programs and no matter how much I look around, I always come back to CHC. Thanks so much for providing that 'happy medium' that doesn't seem to exist in the Catholic world of homeschooling!”
- Tracy
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