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Life Science: Catholic Heritage Edition
Michael J. Spear and CHC Staff

This comprehensive life science program covers basic chemistry, the six kingdoms of living organisms, human anatomy, nutrition, disease, and ecology. The Catholic Heritage Edition of this ever-popular life science course preserves Michael J. Spear’s engaging style and pro-life emphasis while adding:

  • A completely new format with hundreds of full-color photos and diagrams;
  • Updated text to reflect new scientific developments and discoveries;
  • Additional content on Catholic scientists, scientific discoveries, and more;
  • Step-by-step instructions for dozens of experiments, formal labs, and microscope assignments;
  • Improved ease of use for homeschoolers!

Scientifically up-to-date! The Catholic Heritage Edition incorporates new scientific developments such as the six-kingdom taxonomic model; the discovery of chemosynthetic bacteria; and new advances in the study of human anatomy.

Additional content includes feature pages on scientific discoveries such as Fleming’s discovery of penicillin; on contemporary issues such as the myth of overpopulation; and on Catholic scientists such as Jerome Lejeune and Paul Xu Guangqi.

Life Science Workbook

The workbook features a wealth of experiments, including microscope assignments and seven Formal Labs. The Formal Labs provide the student with practice in using the scientific method and in completing lab reports for controlled experiments. These formal experiments and lab reports are ideal for preparing the student for laboratory sciences at the high school and college level.

The new workbook offers improved ease of use for homeschoolers and provides student-friendly exercises, research assignments, experiments, formal labs, keywords for memorization, diagramming assignments, tests, and an expanded answer key to accompany Life Science: Catholic Heritage Edition.

Bonus features in the workbook: an introduction to the compound microscope and how to prepare and view microscope slides; detailed instructions for researching, writing, and citing sources for science research papers; and an expanded Miniature Ecosystem project.

Life Science Text: Grades 7-9th; non-consumable; full color throughout; 275 pgs. Softcover. 8½”x11”
Life Science Workbook: Consumable; complete answer key; 306 pgs. Softcover. 8½”x11”

Recommended core text in CHC Lesson Plans for Seventh Grade. Tour this title within the Seventh Grade Interactive Guide!

A single-subject lesson plan is also available here.


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“Recently I purchased Life Science and there is no comparison [to the secular science textbook I had planned to use]. It is, without question, a fantastic book. It is thorough and well written. . . I HIGHLY recommend this text and workbook.”
- Loretta, NY
“This book is magnificent! And the lab book is amazing. Super thorough. Scientifically accurate & truly beautiful!”
- Elizabeth, PA
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